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'Off the Charts': New Study Shows Greenland Ice Sheet Likely Hasn't Melted This Fast for More Than 7,000 Years


'Off the Charts': New Study Shows Greenland Ice Sheet Likely Hasn't Melted This Fast for More Than 7,000 Years

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Thanks to the human-made global climate crisis, Greenland's mile-thick ice sheet is melting at the fastest rate recorded for centuries, according to new research published in Nature on Wednesday—and the implications for sea-level rise have scientists more than concerned.


I’ve never been to Greenland–nor care to–but I am in west central Oregon and I can testify to the fact that the weather is WAY off! This is a colder and rain-free winter so far and I hope to hell that changes. Last Summer we had to evacuate our goat farm due to an approaching forest fire. Realistically, I fear we are beyond the tipping point and it will only get worse as what COULD be done to slow the process ISN’T because $$$$ interests could/would be affected!

Oh…and so glad Oliar Oliar-Pants-On-Fire did so much to help stop oil from upping the climate change ante. (And OTHER great things too!)

  • O.K. damnocrat apologists. Take your best shot…


Sledding to hell with the lid off.

In the meantime, the Problem Solvers control the House instead of the Freedom Caucus.
Doesn’t that make you feel better?


Trump & Co. should be made to scientifically justify their absurd, AGW Denial policies and statements, by a congressional investigation-hearing process, where his spokespersons are required to submit credible empirical evidence for their denialist positions, and are then subjected to opponent questioning & rebuttal.
Why is no one in congress willing to undertake this kind of official challenge to madman Trump’s earth-threatening policies…??


Things are strange in northern Vermont also.


I’d bet that “strange things” can be documented in ALL the states, not to mention overseas.


Excuse me, believe there could have been a mistranslation in the post… might you have meant
’ the problematic solvents contrailing the hoosegaw '/ ?


Some Trump supporters may acknowledge this increased melting but will certainly deny it is linked to human activity. They will contend it has dothing to do with burning fossil fuels . Drill baby drill. Even in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


This is the problem in one short National Geographic video.

This is your future, for you and your children.


Time to get rid of Secy of Interior Ryan Zinke.

For anyone interested in sending a letter to Trump calling for his removal mounted by the NRDC…

Heres a link

Heres the text:
Dear President Trump:

I urge you to fire Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke immediately.

The Interior Secretary has an important responsibility to protect America’s public lands and wildlife, but instead Zinke has focused his efforts on dismantling protections for our national monuments, selling out our public lands to corporate polluters, opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to industrial oil drilling, and auctioning off America’s coastline for oil and gas drilling.

On top of all that, Secretary Zinke is facing mounting ethics investigations into, among other things, his financial dealings and whether he improperly benefited from a Montana development deal linked to the oil and gas company Halliburton.

As president of the United States, you have an obligation to defend the American people by firing any member of your staff who is not fulfilling the responsibilities of the office to which he was elected. I urge you to act in the best interests of our nation and fire Zinke immediately.

Thank you.


Gonna start building my Ark tomorrow. Just need to put my wood order in with Home Dopey first. I don’t like Floods.


True, if you want to see climate devastation come to Alaska! Only an ignoramus WHO is an ego-maniac and a moron and THINKS HE IS SMARTER than a plethora of reputable, world wide, climate, scientists could call it a CHINESE HOAX!


I believe most of the Climate studies have underestimated the pace that Global Warming has happened, partly out of scientific skepticism as well as some pandering to the political side that doesn’t believe it is happening.

Last year I attended a symposium on the current Extinction event in progress that was chaired by Dr. Peter Roopnarine of the California Academy of Sciences. He is one of the most careful scientists I know personally. At the symposium, he and others laid out a vyvincing case that we face an extinction event in the same size as the one at the end of the Paleozoic with 95% loss of biodiversity by the end of this century unless we immediately act now to reverse it, including dealing with the currently inevitable Global Warming.


From Truthdig:


Among the wealthiest countries China has to be the biggest concern. It accounts for 27% of carbon dioxide emissions and half of all coal burning. There was some optimism recently because coal burning decreased in China for a couple of years but last year it increased again. No doubt the predicted increase in global emissions this year has a lot do with China. It also has companies that are building coal burning plants in a number of other countries which is a tremendous concern. China is the world leader in solar and wind but so far this has largely been negated by all the coal burning.


It’s strange here in the Mojave, too.

It’s an interesting pass. We may have come off a tipping point of some sorts about five years or more ago, about 2013. I don’t suppose we can be certain for a few years, though.

Before that, there was an obvious cycle. There would be a hottest year on record, then several cooler years, and then the warm cycle would return again for another record. But for the last five, the globe has been hotter each year.


Will this influx of fresh water trigger a new Younger Dryas event?


I am in 100% agreement with Jimmy. This is why the establishment would like to silence Jimmy.

Obama was carefully groomed for his role. I’ll leave it to you to decide who was responsible for this. Obama bragged a number of times how he was like a Republican if not an outright Republican. But, as Jimmy suggested, even Obama’s own admission right out of his own mouth will not convince gullible Democrats.

Hillary (and Kamala, Biden and a number of others) is in the very same “moderate Republican” mold as Obama, if you didn’t know. One as bad as the other. .


Well, at least Marc Lago would be gone with most of the southern Republican voters! Ok, maybe that’s morbid, but it’s still a good joke.