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Officer Not Charged in Vonderrit Myers Shooting


Officer Not Charged in Vonderrit Myers Shooting

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The off-duty police officer who fatally shot black 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers in Shaw, Missouri last October will not be charged in his death.


What’s also important, is I believe this was the case where in the original linked CD article video that I saw, slowed down frame by frame, showed a black police officer, much later, pulled out what looked like a chrome handgun and fired into the corpse from about four feet away (presumably to get a gunpowder burn on the victim to make it look like the shooting happened at close range.) A guy named Kyle disputed this, and then I found that the video had been altered, taking out those frames.


The people who are behind these shooting are sending a message.
You are sitting in the seat of power?
We’ll show who really has the power.


“The man” hides behind his badge. “The man” fears for his life (yeah, as he wears a bullet-proof vest, carries a semi-automatic handgun loaded with 32 rounds, a taser, tear gas, and maybe even an automatic rifle/shotgun) because a black or brown man is running away. “The man” and his pals collude to manufacture stories and plant weapons/drugs that unequivocally absolve him (and them) of any wrongdoing while condemning their chosen victim(s). “The man” is placed on PAID leave while an investigation (done by “the man’s” comrades) is conducted, which invariably exonerates “the man.” “The man” thrives on victimizing non-white targets because he is an adrenaline junkie imbued with unlimited power (administrative support and firepower combined) and consistently acts with impunity.

May the Myers family be granted justice and right compensation for the loss of their son/brother/cousin/nephew/grandson, Vonderrit.