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Officer Put on Leave After Video Shows Him Punching Woman in Face During Eviction

Officer Put on Leave After Video Shows Him Punching Woman in Face During Eviction

Jon Queally, staff writer

An officer with the Flagstaff police department in Arizona has been put on leave following the release of video footage taken by an eye witness that showed him punching a woman in the face during an arrest earlier this week.

As the Huffington Post reports:

"Flagstaff police officer “ALLEGEDLY” punches woman in face???
I watched it a couple of times, I don’t know where they think there might be some question about whether he hit her or not.

Expect things to get much worse in January when we start living in Trumpland.

I am sure that for everyone of these incidents recorded by bystanders, there more then a few that are not recorded.

At the same time there Police officers each and every day that do their jobs and serve and protect the Public.

What the Police have to come to realize is that the citizens that record such events are not their enemy. The police are in fact their own worst enemy when they rally around these thugs and try and protect them.


‘Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’ Juvenal

I’m guessing massive demonstrations against Trump, and Trump signifying a price to be paid for such continuing. Won’t take long for scary Trump to further unveil his epic dark side.


Jeff Bonar, seriously? I’d be punching something too if I grew up with that name! :smirk::wink: And no, it does not give him permission to punch one of the citizens he is supposed to protect!

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Besides the excessive use of force, what a coward for putting his hands on a woman. So many people say that there are mostly good cops out there, and I am in no position to disagree with that statement. The problem is when the the so-called good cops don’t check the bad ones, so how good is that!?! I refuse to believe that there are no good cops out there and I support and applaud those who are, but where I’m from stop and frisk, abuse of power, drummed up charges, blatant murder labeled a clean shoot is the norm…yet I still believe!

Sorry, Marissa. You’ve been taught the same fairy tale that all amerikan’s are taught from the time they first go to school. The Brute Squad isn’t there to “protect and serve” you and your neighbors., they are there to protect and serve the corrupt capital class, the business types and the land lords! You would have been better off had after your boyfriend filmed the attack on you, if he and your neighbors had come to your physical rescue, pitchforks, baseball bats, rocks, bottles, tar, feathers and a rail!


There are no good cops out there. The so called good cops know exactly who the bad cops are and let them continue their dirty deeds on the community and it’s people. That includes the top brass of every police department in this country!!!


Certification, bonding and liability insurance for all police, especially the pigs. If you could weed out the pricks, the ‘Peace Officers’ would get the free ride there and the ‘enforcement asswipes’ could pay for all ‘their’ offenses…just dreamin’.

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The good old Code of silence.

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