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Official Leaks: “These Senior People Do Whatever They Want”


Official Leaks: “These Senior People Do Whatever They Want”

Marcy Wheeler

When asked whether he would have supported working with the producers of Zero Dark Thirty, Department of Defense’s Director of Entertainment Media said he would not have recommended working with screenwriter Mark Boal and director Katherine Bigelow, because he was not happy with the way their movie Hurt Locker had presented the military. But he was not given a choice. “These senior people do whatever they want,” the Director told DOD’s Inspector General, according to a draft of the IG’s report on th


Dots that need to be connected:

  1. Project Paperclip was not a fable
  2. Hundreds, if not thousands of Nazis were covertly imported into the post WW II U.S.A and many were adept at psychology, torture tactics, mind-control and “wiping” brains clean of memories and such
  3. The Nazis used pro-war propaganda in ways that literally mesmerized the public
  4. Today, U.S. military interests have fused together with Hollywood interests and the result of so much pro-war propaganda is that it is becoming almost impossible to separate fact from fiction, the wheat from the chaff
  5. It is largely this merging of the false with the true that pulverizes public opinion
  6. Also, in the endless search for a target scapegoat–this time disguised as the ubiquitous terrorist–trust is eviscerated. Since anyone could hypothetically be the designated enemy, people who look, talk, and behave differently from anyone’s familiar enclave are seen as suspicious
  7. Suspicion breeds if not contempt, then divisiveness… perfect for sowing disunity and thereby deflating the cohesive force of a would-be “unified masses.”
  8. The entire game plan is planned with mass media serving as the means to massive mind control. When most people think alike, few notice the pervasiveness of message control. And since few like to be ostracized as outcasts, many conform even if they can see through the widely promulgated illusions passed off as what’s true.