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Official RNC Protest Rules Designed to Stifle Demonstrators, Groups Say



TPTB are now fully in control of our military ....
and they know that is probably what it will take to defeat the masses who are
against them.

They are partial to violence -- yet will always claim that those working in peace
are the problem.


The status quo has become afraid of our freedoms like free speech and peaceful assembly- constitutionally guaranteed freedoms - so they try to remove and restrict those freedoms until they cease to exist and only the status quo remains.


This is uncharted territory. First time a major party will nominate someone whose campaign is overtly based on hatred of certain racial and religious groups.


The RNC contacted former Chicago Mayor Daly in a recent seance to get some pointers on how to handle protesters. With the difference in tactics practiced by today's militarized police forces armed with crowd-killing weapons and vehicles, the mayhem in Cleveland may well prove to be monumental. The Chechenization of American politics.


We can almost guarantee that Cleveland taxpayers are made of money, which is why they are essentially pre-donating $10 million in police brutality money to the pre-victims. It must be nice to be so rich!

Odd question: are long-dead fish free speech?


Why do you frame Move as a cult?


First no guns now no protests, hypocritical