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Official Washington’s Delusions on Delusions


Official Washington’s Delusions on Delusions

Robert Parry

The chasm between reality and the U.S. political/media elite continues to widen with Official Washington’s actions toward Iran and Russia making “the world’s sole remaining superpower” look either like a Banana Republic (on Iran) or an Orwellian Dystopia (regarding Russia).


“On Monday, the Washington Post delivered what could become a textbook case of journalistic self-delusion – noting that the Russian people have developed an intensely negative view of the United States but only because the Russian media portrays the U.S. government in a hostile way.”

“On Monday, Tass delivered what could become a textbook case of journalistic self-delusion – noting that the US people have developed an intensely negative view of the Russia but only because the American media portrays the Russian government in a hostile way.”

How easy it is!


America has become a religion. Its internal battles are fought with religious zeal and it seeks to proselytize throughout the world. If Enlightenment principles are not brought back into its core, I think it is game over. The founders of this country foresaw most every problem that she now bears.


With the collapse of the Soviet empire America had a chance to live up to the many claims of our exceptionalism. But a circle of very powerful interests chose instead to prove that we are exceptionally unexceptional. We had it within our arms reach, as the sole remaining superpower to move all of humanity forward into an unprecedented and hitherto untried era of peace for all humankind. It would have been a first in human history, and would have been truly exceptional.

Instead that circle of very powerful interests took the peace dividend and re-invested it in the old, unexceptional industries of war. First these disciples of military and economic domination decided to expunge from the American collective memory the utter defeat of “the greatest military in the world” by pajama-clad guerillas in the jungles of Viet Nam. So, with the First Gulf War we bombed the hapless and helpless nation of Iraq back into the Stone Age, buried hundreds of Iraqi conscripts alive, and incinerated several thousand more as they tried to escape Kuwait on the highway of death. At every engagement their older hardware from the collapsed Soviets proved no match for our newer instruments of death. A great victory for war, for it was once again back in vogue.

But that was just the opening act of a much larger orchestrated tragedy. Despite the informed warnings of many honest servants of this nation, 19 deranged zealots, 11 of which hailed from our dear and trusted friend Saudi Arabia were allowed, yes it is shockingly true, allowed to fly jetliners into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Within months the ancient human disease of Empire through violent conquest was unveiled as The Global War on Terror.

First, under the leadership of one party, the last vestiges of the secular and modern nation of Iraq were completely dismembered. Then under the leadership of the other party the similarly secular and modern nation of Libya was shredded and now is a chaos of sectarian hatred, violence, and death.

This is no mistake; it is not a miscalculation, or merely good intentions gone awry. Our princes of war commerce grow fat and bloated like ticks on the body politic of America, and the faithful host looks to its uncaring master with baleful eyes, and sorrows at the cruelty of life.

In the defense of what freedoms do we offer up our sons and daughters, the wealth of our nation, the goodness we betray at every turn? We have no freedoms that will not be auctioned off to the highest bidder with each successive election cycle. The hopeful optimism of my youth, which my wife and I shared when we brought our children into this world lies shattered in a thousand shards upon the ancient battlefield of greed, wealth, and power.

Look in the mirror America. What you will see looking back at you is not exceptional. It is merely thousands of years of human failure draped in red, white, and blue.


Regular people should avoid the term “mainstream media.” There is nothing mainstream about corporatist propaganda and the cowardly pentagon generals who seek budget increases via nuclear war with Russia so they can march across that land to meet the pacific pivot as it crushes communist Chinese pinkos from the sea.

Wrap it up with a quick regime change in Iran accompanied by a border merger between the middle east and Ukraine, then the American dream will finally have produced an empire where the sun never sets.


I know the whole propaganda fiasco is depressing and makes us angry, but funny thoughts sometime occur in the process of reading the stuff. Uri Avnery, who is an Israeli peace activist who was a soldier in the Israeli army early on, describes the Congressional performance during the Netanyahu speech. He referred them as the pop-up congress in describing their behavior during the speech.

Of course, that and the recent letter by Republicans to the Iranian leaders , are serious. But then what in hell can be done about it.


The main difference is in the facts behind the “news”. The US has the largest military budget, more than the rest of the world COMBINED. The US has about 1 million military personnel stationed in nearly 1,000 FOREIGN bases.

Outside of former SSR’s and neighbouring countries, Russia has bases in Syria and Vietnam. And even then, the personnel numbers are well under 30,000. I’m not counting the Crimean Black Sea Fleet etc bases, as no one REALLY considered Crimea anything but Russian… except US/NATO neo-cons and their neo-nazi puppets.

So who’s the “aggressor” nation, by any credible definition of the word? The US.

And is is not just Russians that see the US this way. Independent surveys world wide have come to the same conclusion, the US BY ITS OWN ACTIONS is seen as the greatest threat to world peace.

Only in the US is the US seen as the “exceptional” country, as “policeman of the world”. Unless you mean policeman like in Ferguson.


Not that such symmetry exists in reality.


Well done Justaman. And, thanks to Robert Parry who has been “on to this obfuscation” for quite a long time at Consortium News.


I considered voting for Ron Paul. He was against getting us into more wars. I wonder what he thinks of his warmongering son?


Well said Justaman. But don’t despair. There is always a way.


justaman bravely moves on from where Parry and so many other US writers dare not tread. The self-imposed limits of “progressive writers” like Parry, Roberts, Englehardt and so many more still robs the US/NATO public of the full story.

Let the US/NATO public read both (all) versions of “reality” and let us decide who is telling the truth, half-truths and outright lies. The US/NATO corporate and “progressive” media will not fare well. When the full spectrum of information is made public, there is more consistency and logic in the independent, foreign, Snowden/WikiLeaks information than the US/NATO media script.

And the elephant in the room is far more apparent to those of us looking beyond US/NATO corporate and “progressive” media. The US/NATO Wall Street, Bretton Woods, IMF/WTO/World Bank/FED-Central Banks system is irreparably corrupted and bankrupt. The unimaginative and greedy 0.01% psychopaths in Washington see no other solution beyond World War to reset the world economy for Bretton Woods Part Deux. Much like the Central Banksters believed they could do better than the hard lessons learned after the 1929 Crash and Great Depression (repealing Glass-Steagal and enacting Citizen’s United/Super Pacs were the crowning achievements) , we now see them trying to “correct the socialist errors” made post-WW2 in a full-on corporatist, free-market WW3.

The BRICS multi-currency system is the last impediment to US/NATO total world control. Yeltsin NEARLY 100% handed the post-USSR nations to the banksters, but that Putin guy can think and just can’t be bought. Similarly, Xi has realized how weak the US really is, and is no longer adhering to the US-centric 0.01% script.

How the US/NATO “progressive” writers miss the BRICS vs US/NATO theme with great regularity is astounding. And yes, I have personally e-mailed enough of them to know the BRICS/US-NATO theme has been drawn to their attention as THE foundational issue, driving US/NATO economic/military/covert actions.

But nary a peep, and even when mentioned, in isolation as if Russia and China signing massive agreements and building an independent economic/currency system is unrelated to US/NATO regional wars, regime changes, sanctions and US-NGO provocations.

So give the public ALL versions of “reality”, we’ll figure out who’s lying quickly enough.


I call that the trifecta of red white and blue.


I’m reading the same stuff you are A_P, and for what it’s worth, I agree. It’s an international banking chess match and I don’t think our “three dimensional players” are all that good.


I agree, andrewboston, I also think Hillary is of a similar mind, and will do the same things but more like president Obama. Thus, little or no choice…


Demand trial for treason here.



We’ve been over this “annexed Crimea” lie of yours a thousand times, still a lie.

The Crimean referendum was VALID, a Gallop poll and a Canadian gov’t funded poll said so. Crimea was an AUTONOMOUS REPUBLIC within Ukraine and was illegally transferred to Ukraine FROM RUSSIA in 1954.

he Russian military stationed there were on LEGALLY LEASED bases and charged with protecting the population. If the US has a problem with military on leased foreign bases, they better clear the 1 million military personnel on 1,000 FOREIGN BASES they have spread around the world.

Like Guantanamo. Which Cuba has told them to vacate, refusing to accept payment, but some US kangaroo court says the lease from the corrupt previous puppet gov’ts is still valid.


As for nukes in Crimea: GIVE THE WHOLE QUOTE. A lie of omission is still a lie! Try "an official from Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the nation has the right to deploy nuclear arms in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, however he added “he knew of no plans to do so.” "

REPEAT “NO PLANS TO DO SO”. What a liar you are.


MULTI CURRENCY, not US$-reserve-currency hegemony.

Tell Xi that Putin “controls” the BRICS multi currency project. It is CHINA that has local currency-to-renminbi exchanges all over the world.

You really must be paid handsomely to so obtusely tell half-truths and outright lies. Readers can look for themselves and see the ONLY place your ravings are fully supported in in US/NATO propaganda echo-chamber-media.

But when your usefulness is over, there’s a neo-con bus going by every few minutes you’ll find yourself under. Dupe.


“The chasm between reality and the U.S. political/media elite continues to widen…”
Such are the fruits of having a “faith-based” foreign policy and world view. Just to be clearer on that point, the Republicans resemble Muslims when they chant or say “there is but one God, Allah, and Muhammed is his prophet”. For Republicans the mantra is “no matter what, no matter who, no matter when,Noboma!”. Does it make any sense? Of course not, but, if you say it over and over again and “just bleve”…
Go ahead for the next two minutes (of hate!) just say “noboma!” over and over again. There now, doesn’t that feel better?!!