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Official Washington’s Delusions on Delusions


“And, it’s not that the U.S. government looks clownish when the majority party in Congress expresses doubts about global warming and other scientific judgments. Nor is it the continued examples of racism and the police shootings of unarmed blacks. Nor the global spying by the National Security Agency. Nor the national self-degradation when members of Congress behave like trained seals jumping up and down to applaud Israel’s Netanyahu.”

Thank you for the above, Mr. Parry. So many writers are one-issue folks who suffer from tunnel vision.

My sense of U.S. martial forces acting as chief global murderer and rapist and expecting homage in return is Mick Jagger’s: “Sympathy For the Devil”.

You obviously sense this same thing. So thank you, also, for this statement:

“Official Washington and the mainstream U.S. media have taken on the characteristics of a male stalker who can’t understand why his female target finds him repulsive. It must be because someone is poisoning her mind with negative comments about his sterling personality.”

In the company of serial killers each is made to feel like he’s A-Okay.


But don’t bother to mention that this religion is worship of the war-god Mars, and that it’s NOT that most citizens go along. It’s that it’s difficult to answer to a loaded gun, and increasingly, the martial presence and its related influence within this land (over its media, movies, congress, courts) approximate that very thing.


It was an inside job.

Your comment starts out on a solid track, but then deviates to the usual pro-wars r’ us/(U.S) pabulum that WE bombed the hapless Iraqis.

Although you gave lip service to the powerful interests that reinvested the Peace dividend IN further wars, you slip away from this assessment by asserting that what this group did–in maintaining the now fully mature influence of the Military Industrial Complex (as warned about by Eisenhower) is somehow tantamount to the public’s own wish, will, and efforts.

Nothing like pushing a narrative that leaves out the back-story and presents a kinder, gentler version of Dominant Official Narratives (and related storylines).


Thank you for saving me the trouble. I doubt his pay scale is high. He can’t frame intelligent counter-arguments.


Thank you Siouxrose11, there is great potential power in this form (forum), if one can keep to the thought and communicate well, as you do.


Think of the two paradigms as Monopoly, based on “good faith”. If people believe in you, you get the faith. It used to be gold; but no longer is.


I laughed at the irony of the sycophantic media foaming at the mouth about how Russia propaganda is making Russians hate us, while they are busily doing the same exact thing about Russia and their leader. Watching the news has become an exercise in “just how nauseated can you get?”


Thank you for your open-eyed appraisal of the current US.


“follower”? you flatter yourself. I chase you round to at least somewhat counter your outright lies and lies of omission. Time to encourage all posters to start flagging you as gentle hints don’t seem to have any effect.

As if quoting the US/NATO propaganda via the BBC is any better than via US corporate echo-chamber. Readers can go the medialens.org for a complete analysis of how compliant UK media is to the US Empire.

Keep settin’ em up and I’ll keep knocking em down.


I do what I can. But don’t be fooled by his “aw shucks” anti-intellectual veneer. His “topics” come right out of the Washington script list, and often show he or his handlers read all the independent and Russian outlets looking for ways to spin half-truths.

He didn’t respond with “what is that?” when I mentioned the Israel Project’s Global Language Dictionary. So we can assume he’s a fair bit more than an amateur poster, but no where near the top of the CIA-level trollery.

Could he be one of Ukraine’s new “internet warriors”? Laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.


You’re right Robert, that woman finds me repulsive ‘cause of what all those other countries been sayin’ 'bout me; oops, pardon the fart.


It is doubtful there was any active plan to reclaim Crimea, as long as the status quo remained. But the US tried to grab Crimea as part of the Kiev junta, and that was a non-starter, treaties or no. The US has active plans to militarily invade even allies like Canada. So just having plans is not an imminent indicator of the willingness to carry them out. The US has 50,000 military in Germany, you’re trying to tell us the US has no "plans"to take control in Germany in case a very anti-US gov’t gets power? Let’s have a look at Ms. Merkel’s phone conversations as recorded by the NSA to see what she thinks about that…

NO ONE with even one operating synapse thinks Russia would give up without a major fight its only strategic warm-water port, which also gives access out to the Atlantic, let alone given its historical and cultural attachments.

Except you and the dunces in Washington and the Pentagon. I’m surprised you people have the brain capacity to keep breathing without written instructions given to you before each breath.

For every little tidbit you can dig up on Putin/Russia, there’s a thousand major items that can be trotted out against the US. Quit while you’re behind.


The Crimea always was effectively a Russian millitary base.

  • PNAC, Full spectrum dominance
  • Spends more on its military than the entire rest of the world combined.
  • Has 1000 military bases in 200 puppet countries.
  • Controls the media in most of the planet.
  • Controls most of the world’s financial institutions

What you are seeing is the slow motion takover of the entire planet in a way that has never happened before, with a few countries (the ones whose leaders you and the empire propaganda continue to demonise) that have not completely sold out to the full spectrum dominance.


Thank you, and a hearty, “Amen!”

The article is a long overdue reality check for us all; unfortunately, we are ruled by Wall Street’s
fattest ticks, and those ticks are enabled by our two insanely popular tick infested parties.

Add in that never stopping revolving door between US industry and Washington, D. C., and
we have a world class Kleptocracy in all but name.


Rewqski, I know your saying something but I don’t know what because I stopped reading your posts sometime back. So happy typing and be sure to pick up your check!


Thanks all, for your kind supportive words. I haven’t despaired completely, or I wouldn’t have written yet another letter bound for my local newspaper. I write these laments with my friends and neighbors, my community in mind. To that end, upon editorial reflection, I’ve revised it some. It now more - umm, acknowledges - an important theme that runs here on CD. What is “I,” “we,” and where do I/we really want to go. Most importantly, I changed the last to:

“When we look in the mirror America what we see looking back at us is not exceptional, but remains the image of history of human failure draped in red, white, and blue.”


See my comment below. Many ways to say “inside job” which I did. The paper allows 500 words, and I haven’t mastered that space yet. If I wrote better, I’d be able to write professionally. Not there yet. Beating people over the head seldom provokes a welcoming response, and the readers are local.


Again, one of the foundational lies the US/NATO uses to “justify” its interference in Ukraine.

The fact you keep going back to the same script when it has been thoroughly discredited here and elsewhere marks you as a US/NATO operative , even if at the lowest, most disposable levels.

To braithwa842’s PNAC reference, readers should add The Grand Chessboard and the Israel Project’s Global Language Dictionary (essentially AIPAC’s how-to-do propaganda guide)

You’re not that good, even with your other sockpuppets chiming in to play devil’s advocate and half-agree games.


It is the US GOV’T’s admission it has active plans to invade Canada (if deemed “necessary”) just like anywhere else in the world. Are those invasions Imminent? Depends on which country you choose.

Canada? No need with a brown-nosing Tea-party-lackey puppet like Harper as elected dictator.


Nice try, troll. I’ve identifiably been around CD long enough (not changing sockpuppets like you do) for readers ot recognize that I’m the real deal. An actual human being who answers ot no political party, gov’t or organization.

It is you who relies on labels and innuendo to try to trap the unwary. If any US “progressive” writer, or even “supply side” zealot, makes a good point, I’ll acknowledge it, but also call him out for toeing the “permissible dissent” line or succumbing to propagandist/social programming biases.

But you, 100% propaganda, all the time. You couldn’t POSSIBLY put out the lock-step and often vanishingly obscure “views” you do without being coached from “official” sources. All my sources can be found by a simple search.