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Officials Blame Climate Change for 'Worse Than Worst Case Scenario' in Vanuatu


Officials Blame Climate Change for 'Worse Than Worst Case Scenario' in Vanuatu

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As residents in Vanuatu returned home to start the immense task of cleaning up and rebuilding in the wake of "monster" Cyclone Pam, the island nation's president on Monday blamed climate change for the damage wreaked by the powerful storm.


This is true for the atolls - but most Vanuatu islands are volcanic and rise fairly high.


If this were part of Florida, there would be no discussion. Florida government employees are forbidden to mention “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”.

We need to fix this trend now.


Instead of Pam, maybe they should rename this event “Typhoon Tony Abbot,” after the PM of Australia. Abbot has, with malice aforethought, spat upon any action his government might have taken to combat climate change, including its cavalier repeal of a carbon tax which would probably have alleviated the threat. Instead, he seems prepared to see the incineration of his own citizens in wildfires and now this disaster. Maybe it’s easier to pay some conscience money such as he has done for Vanuatu, in the form of bandaid relief aid, rather than do anything that might help more in the long-term. Have a nice day, “Typhoon Tony!”


What is the evidence that “climate change” influenced the severity of this storm?


Thanks for the rational response, Robert.


How do we " know that global warming is at the very least, a strong contributing factor to this tragedy?"


and how would the ousted president of the Maldives respond to all this … ? an under water meeting with all the island presidents ? when the beaches of florida are flooded will we bury our heads in the surf ? Invest in pontoon homes?