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Officials Knew of CIA's Security Breach, Which Led to "Vault 7" Leaks, in 2016


Officials Knew of CIA's Security Breach, Which Led to "Vault 7" Leaks, in 2016

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Intelligence officials told Reuters on Wednesday that they were aware as early as 2016 that the CIA had a security breach that led to the watchdog group WikiLeaks exposing the agency's surveillance tools.

The anonymous officials also said the documents, released in perhaps WikiLeaks' biggest exposé yet, appeared to be authentic.

Reuters reports:


I see this story is of raging interest to people today. Up for three hours and not a comment.

So the cats out of the bag. We now know that when the media released transcripts of the conversation between DJT and the president of Mexico they were from either CIA or NSA. They have it all. Just waiting for you to slip up and then they bring out trash in your life and no one believes you any more. Wait we find out that an agency of the US government has illegally tapped everyone for blackmail. Giving it to the news media when it has data about a president or candidate for office is political manipulation that subverts the vote and will of the citizens of the USA. We are joined together for better conditions for our families. Yet an agency within our house is sabotaging the new president.

We all know that our government agencies liked Obama. The Fed held to 0% interest and allowed 10 trillion of debt to grow, during Obama's 8 years. He did not have to deal with the lash of rising interest for most citizens. Now Yellen Is calling for rate hikes in a time when conditions have not changed only presidents and call for 4 hikes. The fed is a bank. A bad one and very undemocratic. It has no business play with politics. It is time for that institution to end and audit.

Just continuing the dysfunctional story, Rexy the oily man SOS has said cause he is tough on humans and the earth that he looks to overthrow only three SA countries a la HRC in Libya, Honduras, Syria, and Ukraine. Of course you can connect that overthrow with the removal of Assange from diplomatic protection. You know the .gov spies on everything you do. They are ready when you get in the hot seat to bring out everything they know about you.


We're not replying because we're all downloading signal right now.


That's because on CommonDreams it's possible to simultaneously hold the opinions that:
1. Trump is crazy to say he was wiretapped/surveilled by evil government agencies AND...
2. That everyone is wiretapped/surveilled by evil government agencies.

The cognitive dissonance makes commenting hard.


"the CIA must target individuals one by one, which, in turn, means the cost for each surveillance target goes up,"
To suggest that this is good news, seems rather twisted. Especially the suggestion that an individual person must be targeted rather than, what's more likely, getting the backdoors into the entire production line of the devices themselves.


So it's been a while, but the documents aren't released until Trump says that he was wiretapped. Interesting timing.


Good news! It was confirmed today that all this is true :slight_smile: Gotta love the Orwellian society. I remember when all the spying was denied. But after years, the 'Merican public has been talked into to it being ok by media normalizing everything. But as the loaded question goes, "You don't have anything to worry about if you have nothing to hide.", because someone that wants to be intimate with their loved one shouldn't need privacy, our children shouldn't need privacy when getting ready for school, enjoying nature by yourself shouldn't need privacy, discussing private family matters shouldn't need privacy, right? That question is/has been asked very openly on media as well as law enforcement having used the same question. This spying has nothing to do with someone hiding anything. That's the faux aspect that we have to be talked into. They will lie and say it's for "other" people. Because you know that terrorists are sitting in their comfy cave watching a smart tv. Not to mention, those stupid terrorists would always use smart phones for all their evil deeds, how else could they setup attacks like 9/11 with no problems. They will make many excuses and all will sound believable, but only to those that choose to accept the violation of our right to privacy. And that's how our private citizenship is destroyed as our public servants hide what they do. War is peace, ignorance is strength....
Fun fact: Dick Cheney was acting President while in the Pentagon war room during the 9/11 attacks while Bush Jr. was sitting in a class room as they were occuring with the secret service NOT protecting him by getting him the hell outta there.


"the CIA must target individuals one by one, which, in turn, means the cost for each surveillance target goes up," Cost goes up? So!? Trump is pumping up the spending, and when the hell did spending become an issue? How much has the war cost? Thats a FAKE argument! Please tell me people aren't swallowing that one. Oh wait, that's the reason they call it the American "Dream".


These leaked CIA docs also appear to cast further doubt on the "Russian hacking" claims and thus "interference" in the election, so hysterically hyped by Dem politicians (and others) desperate to change the subject of their well-deserved loss going with the despised HRC rather than Bernie, and continuing refusal to reform or change their corrupt DNC/corporate "leadership" or agenda of stupidity and arrogance!
Clinton is even beginning to appear again rather take her place on the trash-heap of history where she belongs! Many people pointed to the lack of evidence rather than "high-confidence" or other similar gibberish for "we don't have real evidence"!

"the widely cited Russian fingerprints on the “hacking” attacks – such as malware associated with the suspected Russian cyber-attackers APT 28 (also known as “Fancy Bear”); some Cyrillic letters: and the phrase “Felix Edmundovich,” a reference to Dzerzhinsky, the founder of a Bolsheviks’ secret police – look less like proof of Russian guilt than they did earlier."

"reinforces the suggestion from WikiLeaks’ associate, former British Ambassador Craig Murray, that the emails purloined from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta originated from U.S. intelligence intercepts and were then leaked by an American insider to WikiLeaks, not obtained via a “hack” directed by the Russian government."

"“Would a group whose ‘tradecraft is superb’ with ‘operational security second to none’ really leave behind the name of a Soviet spy chief imprinted on a document it sent to American journalists? Would these groups really be dumb enough to leave cyrillic comments on these documents? Would these groups that ‘constantly [go] back into the environment to change out their implants, modify persistent methods, move to new Command & Control channels’ get caught because they precisely didn’t make sure not to use IP addresses they’d been associated [with] before?

“It’s very hard to buy the argument that the Democrats were hacked by one of the most sophisticated, diabolical foreign intelligence services in history, and that we know this because they screwed up over and over again.”"


I'm sure the 'Russians' have hacked Trumps favorite Twitter phone so that they know his every move.

Really cannot wait till they release the 'pee' tape, and put this Bozo in a pickle.


Russian hacking was always a deflection for HRC on the DNC emails. What impressed me was as she raised her arm and point at Russia the MSM dropped everything about the emails and jumped all over the Russian fake news. In the old days when we had a fourth estate that put out real news the Russian hack story would have been fleshed out and put to rest already.


Wikileaks New Assist to Trump