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Officials Pull Water Supply as Dakota Access Protest Swells in Number and Spirit


Officials Pull Water Supply as Dakota Access Protest Swells in Number and Spirit

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Growing in number and spirit, the Standing Rock Sioux protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is swiftly gaining strength ahead of a federal hearing on the controversial project.


Greg Wilz is probably a Republican.
And as we all know Republicans are great humanitarians.
You go Greg, and we hope you have a good explanation when people begin dying of thirst from dehydration.


Obama has failed to deal with the most dangerous catastrophe we have ever faced. Climate Change! Shame on him and the entire Democratic Party. The Republican Party is bought and paid for by the fossil fuels industry.


The fact that North Dakota Homeland Security is responsible for taking away people's drinking water is about as wrongheaded as it gets.

It seems to me that the Standing Rock Sioux and allies are providing the real homeland security.


If they had refused to supply water for an unauthorized gathering, that's one thing. But to take it away once provided, and specifically because the need is growing? That's appalling.


What is an unauthorized gathering?
Do "we the people" need authorization to gather and express our point of view?
If so then this entire country has entered the twilight zone.


I am so very grateful for the people that are standing up and getting physically in the way of this pipeline. This is what it is going to take to get any response on the myriad of issues that contribute to climate change and inequality. The political process is too slow and too easily manipulated by the PTB.


The fact that Homeland Security was the one who took it away speaks volumes.


I was only acknowledging the right of authorities to require permits. And pointing out that bringing in water trucks looks like a kind of authorization.


Acknowledging the right of authorities to require permits? Really? That doesn't cause you any cognitive dissonance? Please read Civil Disobedience to get a clue. Citizenship requires more than mindless obedience to "the authorities".



After 911, we used to worry about terrorists attacking our water supply. Now it's apparently Washington D.C. standard policy: Oil Pipelines, Oil Trains, Fracking, leaky nuke plants, GMO agent-orange pesticide runoff...


I didn't say it was absolute. And my comment certainly wasn't "mindless." Don't be so swift to pounce. Not everyone is an enemy.


Thank you! Thank you! All the indigenous tribes that are trying to protect our sacred Mother Earth from devastation, climate change, greed and destruction.

This quote from Chief Sitting Bull is still true today.

"Hear me people: we now have to deal with another race...small and feeble when our fathers met them, but now great and overbearing. Strangely enough they have a mind to till the soil and a love of possessions is a disease with them. They take their tithes from the poor and weak to support the rich who rule."


Bill McKibben:
"We might, after five centuries, actually listen to the only people who've ever successfully inhabited this continent for the long term."

"Actually listen" to the traditional peoples, yes. That goes way beyond a pipeline.

As the saying goes: "Decolonize is not a metaphor."

If the settler colonizer society were able to "actually listen" to traditional peoples, and to all the beings of the living Earth, we would start unbuilding most of what has been built by the settler colonizer society, which has rushed us all to the brink of absolute ecological disaster, mass extinction, and civilizational collapse.


Stay strong! If anyone is able to give these people some water, please do so. Homeland Security is trying to break up the protest by essentially letting them dehydrate to death.

Jill Stein - They need you on the front lines there with your cameras rolling. Let the world see that this is a peaceful gathering and that this pipeline is being forced upon these people against their will!


Assertions and platitudes are not persuasive. I took you at your words. And did not label you an enemy.


Withholding water? That is what "we, the people" do to our fellow human people, our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, who peacefully assemble? I don't think I got the memo that said that we do that.


Exactly, our nation was founded by men and women who questioned authority, and found the authority to be unjust and irrational. Cutting off people's water supply is tantamount to a declaration of war. We are in dire need of a democratic authority concerned with our future, not the profits of the 1%.


I would hope only that Greg feels their pain for as long as they feel pain or thirst or heat.


I'm sure President Obama is going to intervene any moment now and request the water be brought back.