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Officials Say Dallas Sniper, a Former US Army Soldier, Acted Alone


Officials Say Dallas Sniper, a Former US Army Soldier, Acted Alone

Nika Knight, staff writer

Officials have confirmed that Micah X. Johnson is the identity of the suspect killed after an ambush on Dallas police on Friday that wounded seven people and killed five police officers.

On Friday, local officials said the police had taken four suspects into custody. They are now confirming that Johnson is the sole suspect and that he acted alone.


Is it any wonder that someone who is trained to kill in war brings the war home?


One Chris Kyle boasted about killing over 160 people using that same Military training , none who were a threat to him and all living in their home countries. They made a movie about him and gave him a medal. What makes THIS shooter demented and Mr Kyle a hero defending "freedom and liberty"?


These days all you need to do to be a hero is join the military.
The thing that gets me about these shootings is the first reports and witnesses all say there are multiple shooters. Then suddenly it's only one. Is that because the others are part of the false flag operation so they drop back when the shooting has begun? I don't know but it sure seems strange since witnesses say there were more than one. Check out www.ligitgov.org they seem to be all over the idea that these are not just crazed shooters.


Why is the word "sniper" in the headline.

None of what this guy did seems to qualify.

It's the likes of the NY Times going with the terms "sniper" and "multiple snipers" early on Friday morning that appear to have sold this hearsay as fact.


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And just think, there are tens of thousands of discharged veterans wandering America's streets, suffering the same kind of mental illness that this man endured.
And they all have access to any weaponry they desire.



Does anyone know if the other suspects arrested that might have been released?



But you're not the "lone shooter".


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I go to Home Depot a couple times a week. Today they had the American flag at half staff, in honor of the five cops who were killed.
Why wasn't it lowered a few days ago in honor of the two African Americans who were murdered by cops?




The old "Lone Wolf" cover story! Where have I heard that one before! :grinning:

Oh, that's right. That's what the D.E.A.D. empire always says right before a terminator kills the suspect so no reporter can interview him!

Lee Harvey Oswald was a Lonely Lone Wolf... except that he was undercover in Russia, Cuba and Dallas, on Operation Northwoods, Operation Zapata, Operation 40 etc, etc. And then I find out that the guy who shot him, Jack Ruby, was Richard Nixon's old Aid and Tricky Dick was in Dallas with all the usual political suspects who had something to gain crowing that "those Damn Kennedys will never embarrass us again!" - LBJ (according to his mistress who wrote a book about it.)

And then there's the Boston Bomber Lone Wolf who FBI was working with and furnished explosives to! With an Uncle in the See-Eye-Aye and training in a spook operation in the field, he just happened to go on a rampage right when massive budget cuts to FatherLand Security and FBI were being decided in Congress.

I could go on all day.

DEAD = Disguised Empire of Asshole Dynasties, in case you were wondering.

There's got to be a better way.

This just in: Budget cuts were hurting cops. Who benefits from this tragedy? The new police budget, that's who:

Even as budget cuts have trimmed the ranks and increased stress on the police, complaints about officers’ use of force have gone down, along with assaults on officers and the crime rate.


Is now the time for gun control?



Law Enforcement, as an Entity Created by, Owned by, and Supposedly Designed to Serve and Protect 'We the People', that would turn on its own Citizens is nothing less than an abomination.

Must it even be debated whether or not Americans of African Descent are Citizens, deserving of every Right and Privilege thereof?


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So, Johnson's specialty in the army was construction, Kyle was a Navy SEAL who also completed sniper school. Not the same training. Kyle was involved in combat and targeted people that were trying to kill him and his fellow service men. Not even close to comparable situations.


Former Military.
Spent time Overseas.
Acted alone.
Quickly Killed, so
No Public Interviews.
Case solved.
Let's move on.
Lee Harvey Who?


is what JEB is