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Offshore Tax Havens 'Deep Wells of Profit' For Oil Giants, Report Shows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/09/offshore-tax-havens-deep-wells-profit-oil-giants-report-shows

I don’t think Mr. Henn needs reminding about why The Corporotocracy’s CEOs should be on trial, or have not already been convicted, in The Court of World Public Opinion. He does need to be reminded, however, of all the powerful people who protect these CEOs from the 99%s’ justice.
The Worldwide Networks of the Police & Security State are not run by the people who pay most of their taxes, that’s pretty obvious, though.
The flagrant " punishment and conditioning " of all the little people must be really pleasurable for those folks lucky enough to own Big Oils’ stocks. Who knew? Come on give us a break, here.
" Leveling the playing field " by Big Oil amounts to digging mass graves and bulldozing upset poor folks into the planet’s " bunky/funky oil trenches"; wow, will someone remind these well-meaning folks like Mr. Henn of this known fact. He’ll catch on eventually, I’m sure.