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'Oh Hell No': DOJ Using Coronavirus Crisis to Push for Expansive Emergency Powers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/21/oh-hell-no-doj-using-coronavirus-crisis-push-expansive-emergency-powers


I’ve been hearing on the Thom Hartmann show, Sam Seder and a few others that Fuhrer would use a false flag terror attack or any other opportunity to declare a national emergency, martial law, seek special powers, etc.
This is how he argued for his wall too.
The real worry is that Fuhrer is likely angling to suspend elections, including the one in Novemeber.
In collusion with state officials, election tampering and suspension has already taken place in the late Democratic primaries.
You can bet that the pandemic will be used by Fuhrer to further bring in America’s New Reich.


Gee, what are the odds that Pelosi and Schumer will go along with it?



Anyone else picturing Billy Barr smugly lip-synching to a 1979 song by The Knack and playing air guitar? Sorry to impose the image if you weren’t.


Yep, I completely agree with all your worrisome points . The plannedemic is working it’s magic. So where’s that helicopter drop of money in the form of $1000 notes that Bernanke promised back in 2002?


before your fuhrer, came 911, a pre-arranged event to pass a pre-written Patriot Act just as the Tonkin Gulf fraud was planned to start another war. The corruption began long before the Donald.


According to Swan, it’s unlikely the bill will pass the Democrat-led House.

LOLOLOL…Oh, sorry, I thought this was a quote from The Onion.


The coronavirus “pandemic” is unfolding very much like just after 9/11.


I read the Onion every morning, and more and more it’s like I’m reading a real newspaper.


These fascists will stop at nothing.

Inside The Military’s Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples the Government

By William M. Arkin



I don’t think it would pass the House, but the fact that this is one of the only things standing between us and fascism is that pathetic clown show is ridiculous.


This guy’s really good too:


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Yours is a typical albeit cleverly disguised talking point of Trump trolls.
Yes, Georgie W. was warned about 9/11 ahead of time and failed to act, and the USA war machine in the 1960s welcomed false flag or actual attacks so it could justify the Vietnam War.
Indeed, there’s even credible evidence that FDR knew ahead of time that the Pearl Harbor attack was coming, and let it happen because he knew it was the only way to get Americans to join WW II.
However, the BIG, HUGE, OBVIOUS DIFFERENCE is that none of those previous presidents were Fuhrers like Trump is.
None of them engaged in a lifetime of fraud and then took control of the presidency to use it as a cash machine and build a cult of personality.
None of them gutted the constitution, put self before country, constantly lied, and installed a New Reich as Fuhrer has done in less than four years.
Until Trump became president, we never before had a dangerously immoral, braindead cult of gun-toting losers worshiping a president.
The corruption began “long before Donald,” but just as in Germany in the 1930s, whatever happened before Adolf was nothing compared to what Adolf led Germany into.
I want all Trump trolls to realize that your false equivalencies, whataboutisms, deflections and other total bullshit you devise in a vain attempt to make Trump’s unique criminality seem commonplace are useless here at CD, so just STFU and go away.


No doubt about it in my mind. The Mafia Don and his fascist regime is just the transparent, overt, result of what has been the covert corruption of the Amerikan Reich’s military Dictatorship which was in full display with the assassination of JFK and the assassins never brought to justice… and now the same cabal of criminals have more power than on 11/22/63.


All your point were spot on and well made. Those in favor of corruption will always use the example of others to justify their tyranny.


Great article, thanks. Scary as hell scenario and it seems as though it’s just around the bend. The general populous have to stop with the panicking and panic buying or this shit’s going to hit our fan.
I know it states that all should be returned to civilian authority asap, but who’s to say when asap is?

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Don’t worry. Dementia Man has assured his donors nothing will substantially change. So once the power is grabbed, it will be part and parcel of all future administrations.


Extremely high.


The pandemic may have not been planned like 9/11 but like 9/11 it is exactly what fits the Amerikan, Fascist, agenda in order to end ( what is left of it, like suspend the November, elections? )American, Democracy.


Since when does Congress have the power to suspend habeas corpus?

Answer: Neither Congress nor any other branch of government has the power to suspend habeas corpus. They’ll argue that they can do it in an emergency. But they can’t. Not by law. Lincoln could not legally do it during the US Civil War, and no one can legally do it now. Likewise, they can’t legally take your guns. Never forget, we — all humans everywhere — are free people by nature-given right, not by act of government. If they try and cancel what nature gave you, you have a moral obligation to fight the ratbastards.