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'Oh Hell No': DOJ Using Coronavirus Crisis to Push for Expansive Emergency Powers

This kind of abuse of authority has the potential to foment a full scale rebellion.

The Military Industrial Complex control over Foreign Policy coupled with the Privatized, For-Profit, Mass Surveillance Police State and Secret Courts with Secret Laws that suspend the Bill of Rights at the domestic level;

Will turn the US into a full fledged nightmare, if allowed to move forward.

This is a situation that is out of control.


Okay. Fair enough. I have a question for you, however.

If the state of Florida offered free covid-19 tests to each and every resident of Florida, WITHOUT REQUIRING people to get tested; if the testing process was easily accessed by everyone (say, state-of-the-art testing vans making the rounds in each and every neighborhood, and to every rural residence); if the government provided comfortable quarantine housing for all who tested positive but did not exhibit serious symptoms; and if the decision to accept quarantine housing was entirely voluntary on the part of those who tested positive… Under those circumstances, would you agree to go into quarantine if you tested positive?

No, I will self quarantine if necessary. Why would I get tested if I am then shipped off to some COVID-19 concentration camp? It might be voluntary atr first but if it gets bad, it will quickly become mandatory (and everyone knows that) Is that what they want? Continued falsely low numbers because no one is being tested? If you have no children, no spouse, no pets, no outdoor animals, no job and a security force to protect your home while you are gone (for months!), then this might work for you. If 40% of Florida’s population is infected, that’s 8-million people, assuming every hotel and motel room in Florida is occupied by COVID-19 patients, that leaves 7.5 million extra people. Where will they go? Use your imagination - open air camps? prisons? Can’t waste medical resources on them, now can we? If they plan on testing my family now, they had best bring their lunch.

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Not just rooted in the same soil - they’re taking bribes from the same entities.

Okay. Fair enough.

What I was getting at is this: A lot of IFs… If government had a public health system set up for contingencies like pandemics… If government actually CARED about people… If the system was not heavy handed, but rather was based in accurate, science-based knowledge and relied on people’s natural sociability and good will, then wouldn’t more people be inclined to 1) be tested for covid 19, and 2) go into quarantine?

I’m just trying to highlight a few basic government choices that were set in motion long ago — horribly negligent choices driven by corporate profit motive above compassion for people — choices which could have been different, which would make the average floridian’s opinions and attitudes toward testing and quarantines very different.

I’m suggesting that a compassionate government would have fostered compassion in common people, and we likely wouldn’t see as much resistance to measures that lessen the severity of this pandemic.

The real pandemic started long ago. It has been a pandemic of heartlessness all along.

I guess, you’re right? Lotsa Quercetin & Bromelain in Sambuchus nigra, dill, lovage, Mexican oregano, cranberry, chocolate, HOPS… It won’t be SWAT, it’ll be some bored kid pointing a thermometer at you.




Agreed, industrialist and conservatives felt they could contain and control Hitler.

I would also agree that the oligarchy that owns media both right and center are all about the maintenance of corporatist capitalism running smoothly.

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Well, what with deaths o’ disparity, opioids being the religion of the proletariat, and now… MSNBC’s BernieBro™ plague, culling us cranky boomers?


That’s a new one… a duplicate post? Sorry, most likely this FEVER? Hey, MojoMan, you ever watch Babylon Berlin, 2nd season, the industrialist’s kid?




That’s hilarious :sweat_smile:

Not being allowed on the roads without papers. I hadn’t thought of that one.

My nightmare scenario is required vaccination for the virus and not being able to travel unless your name is in the central database. And god only knows what they would put in that vaccination.

Yes, the nightmare scenario is to me, is Amerika is now a Fascist, Regime complete with an Amerikan, Republican Party and we are now in a position that is even worse than we can even imagine.

No, I’m not. The bat species associated with Covid-19 live in province which 800 miles away from Wuhan. It would be unlikely that bats collected for food would be transported 800 miles for consumption.

I didn’t learn that from some Alex Jones coronavirus=bioweapon crazed article, but from a normal article in a normal journal. Bats are bushmeat, and not a regular chinese delicacy.
Generally, bush meat is eaten closer to where it’s found. It would be different for an animal species used in Chinese medicine, these do get transported long distances.

The truth is that no one really knows where covid-19 came from. The only facts that can be verified are there is both a wet market and some biological research facility in Wuhan. Each were in close proximity to the outbreak.

I read in The Guardian about the lab in Wuhan. The fact there is a lab there is being misused and twisted to promote bioweapon conspiracies. Well, those people are really twisting that fact. I’m not. I’m reiterating what the experts say, and that is we don’t know specifically yet what caused this.

The conspiracy fools are wrong. The biology of the virus doesn’t match for a bioweapon. It is a naturally evolved virus. .

If you don’t know, research labs do make mistakes, and the cleanliness of labs, even in the US can vary. I mean look at the gear required when people treat infectious disease patients. If you study dangerous viruses, you have to be meticulous to avoid contamination. Labs in the US struggle to keep researchers from being infected by what they study.

Covid-19 is very closely related to SARS. SARS devastated China, so it would be in the best interest of China to study it. It makes logical sense for Chinese researchers to study viruses related to SARS, (which is in the coronavirus family) to prevent it. IMHO, I think it really was the Chinese trying to save themselves from another SARS debacle and not at all something they put out there to kill people. They may be repressive, but they’re not suicidal in China.

China is also a communist country, and like the USSR, it has never been into admitting mistakes. Mistakes lead to revolutions. Scholars now say Chernobyl likely led to the fall of the Soviet Union.

Again, the truth is no one knows where it came from and everyone is just guessing. New facts about coronavirus are trickling in from China. They now admit it infected the intestines of some Chinese patients.

I’m not Alex-Jonsing here. Coronavirus is not a bioweapon. Much, still is unanswered at this point, we don’t have the smoking gun for Covid-19 right now. Please, don’t confuse me with morons, I just read frequently and I suggest you do the same.

Indeed I am. The Weimar Republic intrigues me for a number of reasons, One being that it provides a mirror of how our Democracy, one that we assumed was indestructible is crumbling in ways that are strikingly similar to what they went though.

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