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Oh Say Can You Friggin' Believe: Impossibly Awful Man-Child Cheeto Jesus Implodes As America Sneers, Weeps, Creates #AskTheGays Hashtag


Oh Say Can You Friggin' Believe: Impossibly Awful Man-Child Cheeto Jesus Implodes As America Sneers, Weeps, Creates #AskTheGays Hashtag

Poor Drumpf, who hit an improbable new low post-Orlando and has since done a slow loutish fall off a well-deserved cliff. His numbers are plummeting, his "ideas" are disintegrating, and his fans, say new reports from the barbarous front, grow ever more unhinged. Terrifying, yes. But much of America has embraced the surreal spectacle for its entertainment value: Hence the beers - Dumb Donald, Short Fingered Stout - the incomparable nickname - Cheeto Jesus - the profane rants by even GOPers on "his utter dipshittery," and the sweet revenge of #AskTheGays.


‘Bigot down, Warmonger up’ is scant reason to celebrate.


Well, it’s great to hear Trump’s seriousness and legitimacy are in question! (Who’d have ever expected such a thing?)

So maybe the Democratic Party can now step back from claiming the most important issue is to defeat Trump, and attend to matters of concern to the saner members of US society. Economic policy, climate policy, foreign policy, election fraud, and other such boring stuff. Whaddaya think?


How about: “One down, one to go.”


Would be nice if the party would embrace the concept of listening to the voters. Sanders has demolished the fallacy that money equals votes, which incidentally is a media manufactured idea promoted because most of the money spent on campaigns goes straight to them.


Only children have tho write like this and read it.
This US Democracy article is soap opera crap; an expression from out of the depravity of the ‘American’ mind where Donald Duck reigns supreme.
Get up to speed and get used to it, American Dodos’ !
US American is a miserably failed human identity.
Mankind is steadily trying to dodge the genetic engineered crap that keeps on fast food falling out of the US Rear end by the name of Democracy;
This is the obvious Christian Exceptionalist (We Know Jesus; the God of the Universe who lives in our pocket) truth of US Republican and Democrat (USRD).
Sies ‘America’ !


What? And here all along I thought I could speak, read and write English fairly proficiently.


I’d say. No evidence yet, but Trump sure seems like someone who could be paid to take a dive, doesn’t he?


But, if you paid Trump to take a dive, would you really trust him to keep the deal? You’d have to offer some upfront and some later, after he took the dive. But then he’d have to trust that you’d pay him after he delivered.


It might depend on just how bad you thought you were.