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Oh Yeah: Bernie Wins Maine Almost 2 to 1 (With Four-Hour Lines Yet)

Oh Yeah: Bernie Wins Maine Almost 2 to 1 (With Four-Hour Lines Yet)

Another reason we love Maine: Bernie just took the Maine caucuses almost two to one, with reports shortly after polls closed showing Bernie winning about 65% to 36% for Hillary. Thousands turned out in Portland, where several-hour, almost mile-long lines prompted a Democratic lawmaker to move to return the state to primaries. Despite the insane lines, cool video shows the crowd and our democracy in buoyant action. As Maine goes.


Thank you to the people of Maine.
I just watched the democratic debate. Hillary…WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT UP !!!


After Killery’s shellacking in the CNN debate MSNBC had some clowns doing a very disingenuous attempt to make Bernie look bad. MSNBC - Micro Soft and Military Industrial Complex. No bias there.

U.S. government says it lost $11.2 billion on GM bailout


I also went to MSNBC after the debate on CNN. I could not believe that one person after another was saying that Sanders was Rude for asking Clinton to let him finish talking without her interrupting him.
That’s the end of MSNBC for me. They are another FOX "News ".


This post may be taken down the minute it’s submitted, but I have got to say…OH MY FUCKING GOD! Portland voters rock!


My gut tells me that if there huge lineups waiting to get in the majority of those voters are for Sanders. In other words I would be suspicious of any vote tally that had these very long lineups whereby HRC proclaimed the winner.


Wow!! I mean…just wow!

Way to go, Bernie!! Keep it up!!


John Atcheson keeps pointing out that if all the Sanders supporters take the step to turn out to vote and caucus, the Clinton campaign cannot match it.

If this massive upsurge in voter turnout in Maine is a harbinger of similar increases across the country going forward, that bodes very well for the Sanders campaign the rest of the way.

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One interesting thing that I noticed in our small Maine town caucus:
The handful of Hillary supporters all had pre-printed signs and buttons.
The Bernie supporters (more than two to one) all had extreme enthusiasm and excitement but no signs or buttons. I should have purchased and brought bumper stickers for all of the Bernie supporters.

In an election polling place, all signs must be 250 feet from the polls, but the caucus apparently has different rules. This is one of the cases where the party regulars have an advantage as they know the rules in advance. But in this case, the party advantage did not pan out. I suspect a similar thing happened in Iowa and that may be why Hillary won there by a razor thin margin.

And my gut tells me, that in states, where Hillary is expected to win, the DNC will see to it, that there are enough voting facilities available :cry:

Rudyjo – I know that aesthetically her shutting up would be a gift for us, but my sense is that in fact we should want her to talk more and more, with more and more “genuine” and “sincere” enthusiasm – I have the sense that the more she does so the better Sanders will fare against her.

May all these Mainers vote come November. Seeing the long lines was elating! Hope this is a harbinger of Senator Sanders’ success nationwide!!!

(I lived in South Harpswell, Maine many years ago and have to say that it is one of the most memorable times in my life…after I moved, it took awhile to stop saying a-yuh and using other euphemisms I learned from the lifelong residents (almost all lobster fishermen) whose families lived there for several generations. Once they came to know you, their warmth and neighborliness were unrivaled. Never could manage to cultivate a taste for seaweed pudding…)