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Ohio Stumbles, With a Team Trump Nudge, Toward Nuclear and Coal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/05/31/ohio-stumbles-team-trump-nudge-toward-nuclear-and-coal

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This is another “who’s palms are getting greased” situation I’m pretty sure.
This one is like, you have potholes on your street that aren’t getting fixed, yet you get to publicly fund someone else’s knew road.

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As an Ohio resident, I can testify that most of this evil is from the obscene gerrymandering here that has dealt to what is possibly a majority Dem state a profoundly Republican legislature and some extremely right wing politics. That, plus the vicious trick that the pro-nuke forces did with public relations for this legislation: we all received multiple slick mailings “convincing” many of us that their act was a “clean air” act supporting clean energy. Nowhere did the ads tell voters that wind and solar (which are a burgeoning economic force in Ohio) would be heavily compromised if the act was passed. So concerned voters called legislators and asked them to support the “clean air act,” thinking they were doing the right thing for the environment and green energy industries when actually they were asking legislators to vote against those things. Really dirty tricks, but nothing new for the fossil fuel industry.

But the heavily gerrymandered legislature was the main cause. And now our projected redesigned mapping has been postponed until after SCOTUS rules on other states’ cases. Which I don’t understand, since Ohio has its own unique gerrymandering and shouldn’t have to be put up against other precedents!


What do you know about Ohio congressman and presidential candidate Tim Ryan on this and other related issues? My gut instinct tells me he may make it to the debates. I’ve been looking for material on his record, but haven’t found much.

Extremely shortsighted to maintain two very old coal burning power stations from both an economic point of view and considering Global Warming(World carbon dioxide now at level of 415 ppm). Also America hit peak coal production during 1998 and this should increase the incentive to encourage renewable sources of electricity. However a mistake at least modern environmentalists are making is not emphasizing the potential of geothermal energy(It works well in Iceland).

Ah, democracy, ain’t it grand.

The Ohio Legislature seems to be bailing out the FirstEnergy investors and shareholders,
by guaranteeing profits, and socializing the costs and risks to all Ohio citizens.

I swear, it sure seems as if many of our State Legislatures are in a contest to see which of them can go backwards the fastest.

I smell the spoor of Koch and ALEC all over this insanity.


I don’t know much either. He was just featured in a CNN town hall though:

Here is an article link from the Columbus Dispatch with some history on his views, but I’m not sure you can access it w/o subscription (tip-use Mac “reader view” if you can and it will come up–click on the lines in the link box at the top of the Safari browser):

Thanks for the link. In it, Ryan says he’d promote electric car manufacturing, but I’d like to corner him with the case for plug-in hybrid PHEVs being more important than all-battery BEVs. For household EVs, the smaller PHEV battery pack matches more ideally with a consequently smaller rooftop PV solar array. The larger the vehicle, the more applicable plug-in hybrid PHEV tech becomes. For example: should we power one BEV freight truck battery pack of 550kwh, or 6 BEV Tesla ‘S’ coupes with 85kwh packs, or 100 plug-in hybrid PHEVs with 5kwh packs? (a plug-in Ford Fusion is rated an effective 100mpg). Hybrids also utilize combustible hydrogen at more practical lower pressures than for use in fuel cell FCEVs. It’s an important EV issue to address among others like the absurd nonsense of self-driving cars and whether our Amtrak passenger-rail system should go impossibly expensive, high impact all-electric 200mph or much more practical hybrid/electric 100mph that benefits freight rail as well. Futurist high-tech mavens are suspiciously wrong to dismiss hybrid technology. If Ryan gets on board NOW with hybrid tech, he’s one more step toward winning the nomination.