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Ohio Voters Reject Legal Pot with a 'Corporate Face'


Ohio Voters Reject Legal Pot with a 'Corporate Face'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Ohio on Tuesday voted down a contentious marijuana legalization bill that would have allowed medical and recreational use of pot but also granted exclusive production rights to a small network of 10 growing facilities.

Opponents of Issue 3, which included some legalization advocates, warned that it would help create a "marijuana monopoly" for the wealthy investors who owned the would-be production sites and were bankrolling the measure.


I just hope that this doesn't get spun into "oh well, looks like people don't want pot legalized after all. So, lets' not bother..."


Thank you people of Ohio for putting the kibosh on monopolization!!

I can't find the link, but there was a thread on CD yesterday regarding the connection between cannabis satvia (sp?) and hemp as a highly prized cultivar. From medicines to fuels and everything in between hemp is a resource providing an entire spectrum of beneficial, renewable uses - including soil benefits.

Hemp potentially represents one of the most viable additions to local economy stability seen in ages. One thing we can learn from the atrocities of campaign funding is that these investors know damn good and well that that they needed to invest millions to try and corner the future billions that this cultivar issue represents... and the fight will need to continue.


Although the media is focused on the Ohio pot vote, there has been minimal coverage of an issue of far greater consequence in Ohio...gerrymandering, an issue not nearly as sexy as pot.

Although the gerrymandering regulations that Ohioans approved yesterday are not as far reaching as progressives would like them to be, it is a good start in a state that has experienced a lot of recent GOP driven gerrymandering.


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"....soothing the nerves of swing-state Ohioans wary of a hippie takeover."

The hippies are now senior citizens.