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Oil-Backed Lawmakers Accused of Orchestrating 'Charade' on Behalf of ExxonMobil


Oil-Backed Lawmakers Accused of Orchestrating 'Charade' on Behalf of ExxonMobil

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Republican-led House Science Committee on Wednesday held an "unusual" hearing, alleged to have been "orchestrated on behalf of ExxonMobil" and criticized as an abuse of congressional power.


We have a system where sociopaths win it is that simple to me. If you read this article and don't think our government has been bought and sold, something is wrong.


"Ronald Rotunda" and "Elizabeth Price Foley" ...

... perfect names for ambulance-chasing, jack-legged mouthpieces ...


Even if you don't read it ...

... something is seriously, seriously wrong ...


Well said JopinKlobe!


"The Republican-led House Science Committee" . . . wait, i can't stop laughing and crying simultaneously.


Joni Mitchell feels your pain. But, she drank, smoked, had sex outside of marriage and is brilliant. Not a lot of material about " gathering at the river " , except maybe to go skinny dippin', either. Time to find an indoor ice rink and see if we skate away, methinks.


SSSSooooo, What are we going to DO about it.???
As long as we ALL keep on keepin' on .... we are accepting this. The only way we make a real difference, is if WE decided to STOP using the system. Would that be ridiculously hard? Yes. But if we want to change our system.... we have to stop using it to a great degree. We have to stop buying things that are not necessary, we have to stop driving as much as possible... I mean, I think the gist of what I am saying is easy.... examples... seem hollow, In other words, we have to GO OFF GRID... DROP OUT OF THE SYSTEM... if multi millions did so .. at the same time... that would bring the system to a screeching halt...
But, alas... there are too many people, who still want to buy their lawn furniture, their six packs, their hair products, their McDonald's, their latte's their make up, their Super Bowl tickets... or any sports tickets... take trips to the Bahamas or to Cancun.... Too many people still want to fly or drive some where to go sking, go to the beach... too many of us want to buy Christmas decorations .... and Christmas gifts... too many of us still buy manufactured Halloween decorations...
You see, we are in this system and most of us do not even realize, what we do to support it.... I am NOT BLAMING US.... I am bringing to light, a possible way out... it is a difficult path... but, one that would work better than what we are doing now...


President Johnson was given a still accurate report predicting global climate collapse. That was fifty years ago.

The US government knew about this fifty years ago and remains the number one polluter in the US.

The US government continues to sit on a fifty year-old report and still subsidizes big oil with big tax gifts.

Remove all subsidies and control the number one polluter starting with its number one polluter - the Pentagon.


Yes, I agree that boycotting most everything would bring the system to its knees. Also, I think about what wars have we started for the raw materials and who was the slave labor when I buy something.