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Oil Fuels War and Terrorists Like ISIS. The Climate Movement Can Bring Peace



the driving addiction is less to oil and more to profit. sure, we could overcome a massive collective action problem and boycott oil usage in the US (somehow!) but the lack of political will will still be there. if oil is sufficient to ignite wars, it's more than sufficient to ignore some protesters.


"... if oil is sufficient to ignite wars, it's more than sufficient to ignore some protesters."

But too, protest is part of a process of social movement development, and does not itself preclude, or even make less likely, the further development into a much more effective social movement. Yes?

We need a holistic movement to restructure the political economy, and it is a great sign that so many people in the past couple months are calling explicitly for the climate movement to recognize that it is inevitably about ending war.


Indeed! Consciousness driven leaders can make the Climate Change Dialogue a mean to drive actions towards peace and bring peace.

It resonates deeply in me that "...someday we must be able to look back on this era as one of inhuman corporate powers and destructive pursuit and use of fossil energy. Able to look back because we have moved on."

I wish I could go right now and tell them All...


Ironically the endless Wars for Oil and resources and power are major wastes of oil - the Pentagon is the biggest institutional oil consumer and greenhouse emitter on the planet! However the true roots of Oil Addiction are Auto Addiction which directly accounts for 70% of oil consumption for the US, consumes 10 times the land of Rail or Green Transit, and kills over 30,000 while accounting for 35% of US greenhouse emissions.
We need to get off Auto Addiction and support Green Transit!


Some truth to that. But we need to recognize the documented history of social / economic tampering by the fossil fuel industry, in cahoots with the automobile industry and the war industry, to direct our politicians to intentionally engineer our auto addiction.


Excellent points Rebcca Solnit. But what will happen to the oligarchy when they lose their energy monopolies?


'The Climate Movement is a Peace Movement'. Yes it is Rebecca, and thanks for reminding all of us. War is Not the Answer ; never to be again. Living in the HEART is the way forward.


I wonder whether it would take that much, if third-party profit were eliminated. There aren't that many large cities between the Mississippi and the coast (DFW, Houston, Austin, Phoenix, SLC, and then the coastal metastasis). Putting in rail would be a problem, but electric overhead wires for buses?


Automobiles should be considered a 'Constitutionally inequitable' transportation monopoly, in that they present a severe impediment to other modes of urban/suburban travel - mass transit, walking and bicycling. Moreover, driving too cannot achieve optimal function as traffic congestion overwhelms all fundamental travel modes.

Automobile-related business interests include: finance, insurance, parking, advertizing, car-dependent suburbs and highway construction alongside production, sales, petroleum refineries and distribution. Air travel too can be considered a result of automobile infrastructure creating horrid hometowns that people seek a temporary escape, which adds hotel and convention center interests to the mix of businesses who'd rather treat the planet like a flush toilet and humanity like wage-slaves than use energy sparingly by reducing the distances needed for basic travel and production of goods.

Every nation should develop the means to provide their people a secure standard of living. Is it inevitably necessary for labor-saving mechanization to support inequitable class structure?