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Oil Giants Invest $180B in Plastics, Propelling Oceans Toward 'Near-Permanent' Pollution


Oil Giants Invest $180B in Plastics, Propelling Oceans Toward 'Near-Permanent' Pollution

Julia Conley, staff writer

"We could be locking in decades of expanded plastics production at precisely the time the world is realizing we should use far less of it."


Now its up to the public (at least the informed/educated who have any conscience and/or concern for the future of Planet Earth) and NGO’s, and activists to counter this incredibly destructive and open contempt for the marine environment and its creatures…to stop using plastics and demand not-petroleum packaging this plant will spew into our world…or is easy-living too corrupting?

Of course the fossil fuel industry swine, (and puppet trump regime) have long since displayed such utter contempt for the oceans of the world, terrestrial environment/creatures, including all humanity…increasing MMGW and ocean rise to enhance their wealth and profits…above all else!

Criminal MoFo’s all!




They really do want to put an end to all life on earth. That seems the only conclusion a rational person can come to.

How to stop them when they keep foisting their criminal products on us. I can’t buy a piece of fruit anymore. I have to buy six in a hard plastic case and shrink wrapped as well. Here they are saying ‘the one who produces the rubbish’ pays, but of course they don’t mean that. They mean the end user pays and not the one the others, the ones who actually produced the plastic and who made a profit on it. And what’s worse, people believe it. They accept the accusation that they are producing the rubbish. Talk about brainwashing.


Why don’t they INVEST IN PLASTICS RECYCLING and break from Corporatocracy otherwise known as institutionalized dissociative disorder.

Think of all that could be saved, seas cleared, air freshened…

the profile of petroindustry is death dealing, pollurting, colonization of indigenous and human and creatural rights in general - all because it has an antideluvian dissociative fetishized testosterone poisoned version of of an 18th century manifest destiny. Armed to the teeth (because you’re not a “real man” until you’ve “been blooded” (killed).

The offal office now has, on prolonged exhibit, the knuckle dragging, deranged leader of the cabal that ritually bathes itself in the threats over the blood of others, howling and whining to their necrotic idols, while forming their own sclerotic twists that we must pay attention to in ordered to clean up after their dual pretences are exhausted and the veils collapse.

My metaphorical (and real) buckets and cleansing muscle are ready and preparing for the brigade. I can hear echos of others awakening to the call.


Investing that tax break and tax holiday rate on offshore hidden $


Oil Giants are propelling life on Earth toward near extinction. Their motive: Greed.
Every drink of tap water we take is filled with micro plastic fibers:


The stupidity of the knowing robber barons and the apathetic consumers/voters/99%.
Some are working two jobs each and trying to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. The others are plain apathetic…


I’ve thought that for decades. In the late 60’s and 70’s I use to embarrass my mom when I would buy something I would remove all the plastic that it was evolved in so the store I rethink. Didn’t happen and I stopped and I need to start again and so do all of us Make statement at the stores. I don’t shop much at trader joes as so much is wrapped in plastic.


Fresh Garbage…Spirit…1967


In the northeast we can buy plenty of fruit single, and veggies. Tell your store you will no longer buy like that, enlist neighbors. Here am still working on telling the stores to STOP ordering onions etc. Which come in red plastic mesh … Just cutting it open causes plastic crumbs. It is time to BDS, people, and become champions one by one for life on Earth.


So much for all my plastics going in that blue bin over so many years… Recycling in the USA is such complete bullshit. It’s a fraud. Except for maybe the aluminum and steel, it all actually goes straight to the landfill.

Meanwhile, It is almost impossible to use cloth bags at the supermarkets in my area with creating a disruption and getting dirty looks from the cashiers. The whole process is built around using tons of those plastic bags every day - which the stores inexplicably encourage using 5 times more of them than are needed.

And yes - the excitement is building in my area for Shells huge shale-ethane gas cracking plant in Beaver, PA. The ethylene plastic-precursor material will then go to a pipeline to the Delaware bay where it will get loaded on ships to plastics plants out of the country. What will Pennsylvanians get for all that wealth sucked out from under the state at such environmental cost? Absolutely. Nothing. Pennsylvania, unique among US states, does not even tax or collect royalties gas and oil extraction.


The local recycling center just STOPPED accepting plastic bags and wrap, and also styrofoam. “No one wants to buy it.” Then we the people need to stop buying as much as we can, and also take a bunch of OUR money back away from weapons and have public investment in recycling these things.


We are literally killing ourselves as well as numerous other species, with the pollution and carbon we are putting into the atmosphere and in the environment. I heard last week (sorry… I don’t have a source) that the world is producing somewhere around 20,000 plastic bottles a minute. A minute! I just don’t see how Capitalism nor the industrial, petroleum-based economy is sustainable. I wonder when our “House of Cards” will come a tumblin’ down. I believe it’s already started. We just haven’t hit bottom yet.


I was told by our community China buys the bulk of our recycled material


Has it really been a half-century?? Like the Doors and a few others, Spirit’s best work sounds as if it could have been recorded yesterday. Thanks for the reminder.


Yes. I hope at least some of us did some educating yesterday as to the true meaning of Christmas (hint: it’s NOT about buying more plastic disposable crap).

As IWW strike leader Joseph Ettor said in Lawrence MA over 100 years ago, “If the workers keep their hands in their pockets, the capitalists can’t put theirs there.”


What is this alternative to using plastics? I also don’t understand how its the oil and gas companies fault that demand for plastic increases. We the consumers buy more plastic, but we the consumer bear no responsibility according to this article and instead its solely the fault the extractors, processors and refiners. I’m sorry, but that is ridiculous. More supply does not necessarily increase demand, without actual want from the market.


And what is this non-petroleum and non-natural gas based packaging you are talking about?


we gotta get real here. these companies know about warming. they were the first to do so, in fact. that knowledge is publicly accessible thanks to memo leaks.

and yet they’re still going to not only jack up plastics production, that means they’re going to continue to drill their little hearts out (oil = plastics).

they’re not going to be stopped by “approved” methods. How are we going to deal with these planet killers?