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Oil Industry's Suppression of Climate Science Began in 1940s, Documents Reveal


Oil Industry's Suppression of Climate Science Began in 1940s, Documents Reveal

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A trove of newly uncovered documents shows that fossil fuel companies were explicitly warned of the risks of climate change decades earlier than previously suspected.

And while it's no secret—anymore—that the companies knew about those dangers long ago, the documents, published Wednesday by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), reveal even more about the broader industry effort to suppress climate science and foment public doubt about global warming.


They may be evil, but you gotta admit they hired some awfully good scientists. Some of those predictions were doggone close to the mark.
In any event, once more a massive, corporate industrial sector schemes against the species for fun and profit. As always, the primary consideration behind all of this work was to make money.
I say this because I want to address my liberal brothers and sisters here who lean left, but can't imagine a world without capitalism: people who feel that a regulatory state is sufficient in order for us to have our cake and eat it, too.
We cannot solve problems like warming without addressing the existence of, not just corporations, but profit itself. The corporation is merely the architecture, but it is the profit--the necessity to make money above and beyond the cost of production--that drives decisions like this.
Can we really not imagine another way to live besides the blind--and apparently highly destructive--pursuit of money as the driving ambition of the human life?
We need to stop settling for feeble regulatory attempts that always seem to fail. It's long past time we step up and start working toward what should be the next phase of human history. But we can't do it as long as Capitalism has a literal death grip not over just the economy, but also our imaginations.
Sorry for getting all meta- there, but one thing should be clear with this nutty election: a lot of you who identify as liberals and Democrats don't really belong to either of those camps. If you don't, please consider going another direction. We need help to create a new and vital left in the US. Lots of it. And we can do it if we can get a hearing from those of you who are practically in our area code already.


Since the US Congress took up the issue of global warming in the 1960s someone had to be doing research on global warming in the 1950s and perhaps earlier for the concerns to be taken up in Washington. Where did the information on global warming that reached Congress come from? Apparently not from Exxon. It is unclear what Exxon's scientists knew at that time that other scientists did not.


"The documents also show how Humble Oil (now ExxonMobil) scientists actively engaged on climate science in the company’s name beginning in the 1950s, even as they actively funded and published research into alternate theories of global warming." Didn't you read it?


Yes, that is clear. But I know that the Congress and I believe President Johnson took up the issue of global warming in the 1960s. Where did they get the scientific information from to be concerned about this issue way back then? Apparently Exxon kept there information secret so it could not have been from Exxon. Obviously the US government never acted on the information.


ExxonMobil and their comrades in the oil industry make Hitler look like a nice guy.

What we are discussing is human genocide and the forced extinction of species on a massive scale thanks to their corporate right to not speak and compulsion for quarterly profits. These oil corporations should have their charters revoked, be broken up into smaller companies, and every CEO with knowledge jailed (at sea level). I am so angry about this I'm sputtering!


There was a president who installed solar panels on the White House, and another who removed them. Where were you lrx?


"For the love of money is the root of all evil..."


Money IS Corrupt when it generates interest. If Money were just a form of barter, with no interest involved, it would be very useful.
Ever wonder where the interest comes from when money is involved?....For interest, just does not come from somewhere....interest is paid for via natural resources or on the backs of humanity.
Everyone wants high returns, yet no one wants to pay for those high returns.... this is so corrupting....These high returns are paid for through natural resource pillaging, the destruction of local economies,etc......THe next time you want high returns from your money, yet you complain about the destruction of our natural environment, your ecological support system, and your local economies, think again......


It's not different in the field of toxicology. The chemical companies do all the best research, but keep it secret and in-house. It seems their objective is to move workers from one job to another, in order to avoid the appearance of widespread acute states of illness. That way they can keep the scale of the problem hidden.

There are often good reasons to do good research but not let anyone know. Capitalism is an amazing thing ...


No it is not well known that the big scare was global cooling. However there were two magazine articles (one was Time magazine and I think the other was Newsweek) which were not written by scientists that brought the issue to the sensationalistic public. Roughly 90% of scientists held the opposite position and predicted warming due to greenhouse gases. The other 10% had concerned themselves with aerosols and particulates in the atmosphere (smog) which had caused what was called Global Dimming and had produced a very slight cooling effect due primarily to the phenomenal rise of the automobile, contrails and the expanding fossil fuel powered energy needs worldwide after WW2. This very slight cooling caused by Global Dimming ended around 1980. No one listened to scientists then either but there were sensationalistic treatments and pseudoscience entertainment shows and novels. It wasn't like people didn't see the steady rise of global average temperature btw because scientists did ( you know those people of the pocket protector tribe) and went around saying "What global cooling where? What Ice Age? We are still coming out of the last one! Greenhouse gases are making it get warmer not cooler!" What do scientists know anyway right? The Coming Ice Age and Chariots of the Gods and there was a show about it on In search of mysteries...! Fun stuff! Will Bigfoot survive the coming Ice Age better because it is hairy? Turn the channel what else is on... Ooh Laugh In !

Please do search the literature. But if you search the scientific literature and peer reviewed journals you will not find scientists predicting a new Ice Age. They knew what greenhouse gases meant and they saw the steady rise in average mean temperatures since the 1800's.

There was no pause either. global warming was changed to climate change by the Bush/Cheney administration because it was less direct ( more euphemistic) and less clear as to what was meant . The pause? Satellite data huh? Lol. Yeah okay. Look at the chart of the average world temperature for the 80s and see what science knew. You are citing debunked data misinterpreted by a pair of researchers and not supported by the vast majority of science. There was a slightly slower rate of global warming but the Earth continued to rise in temperature.

By the way ... We are in a cooling episode right now - a pause as you would call it in global warming. The last two decades have been the hottest on record and the last two years have been the hottest on record and have been record hot years year after year for all but one year which was a tie for the hottest up until then this last decade. In other words ... This record hot year (s) would have been even hotter (slightly) had we not been in one of what you call 'Pauses' in global warming.


There was NO pause. Didn't you get the memo? NO pause. The data from the Sats. and other sources was revisited and found to be in error. Get it? The pause was creation of the denialist propaganda sector financed by the Fossil Energy Barons.


I wonder if that is the main reason why the 0.001% have spent so much time and money to foment hate and distrust with Islam? Interest is illegal in genuine Islamic societies.
* Sadly, there are a number of claimed Islamic societies who do not follow the teachings of the Holy Qur'an. They follow the teachings of Wall Street et al. They only worship power and profit, rather than follow the teachings of a prophet.
* We need a leader who will be able to imprison or destroy Bankenstein!


ISLAM-yes. Also was there not a story of Jesus overturning the tables of the money-changers?


As of the day of the release of these documents, the fossil fuel industry has no credibility left whatever. None. For-profit corporations have no credibility. Capitalism has no credibility. The banking industry that supports all of it has no credibility.

It's as if there was someone who everyone--everyone--knew was seriously disturbed. Everyone had said for years that he needed to be hospitalized for his and everyone else's safety, but his respected family tirelessly worked to convince everybody to say--even think--he was "eccentric". This person just went on a rampage and shot and killed 50 children and is threatening more. We all know the family has been lying for years, and we know that fossil fuel corporations knew--better than anyone--that the stakes were the life or death of civilization and uncountable other beings.

Anything they say now--unless it's an abject apology and pledge to spend every penny they've made for the last 75 years fixing the problem and relieving the suffering of people and others harmed--should be dismissed out of hand. Denying delayalist trolls should not be engaged with, they must simply be flagged and removed from all discussions. We need to concentrate on educating people and talking about the radical nature and extent of the problem, and forget trying to convince insane people that reality exists.

And we need to work for Bernie Sanders' campaign and the campaigns of those--and only those--who make it clear they understand and support that radical action. We need to make it clear that anyone who doesn't support a US-WWII-level climate mobilization can't get elected, and anyone who does support it will instantly get the votes of thousands or millions--whatever it takes to put them in the offices where decisions are made. Corporatists, deniers, anti-environmentalists, and conservatives of all kinds have no credibility because they've supported denial and delay. If they knew they have no excuse; if they didn't know they have no excuse. They must be ignored and prevented from having any input into decisions, until they apologize and agree to be treated and educated.

This is the tipping point. The criminals must be convicted of fraud, conspiracy, felony murders by the millions, and then offered a chance to confess everything they've done, turn over all documents, give up all money made while crimes were being committed, agree never to hold a position of authority in any business, government or organization, and in exchange, receive suspended sentences. The corporations involved should receive the death penalty, their charters revoked, their assets sold off and all the money put toward replacing fossil fuels with efficiency, clean safe renewable energy, reforestation and ecological forms of agriculture and industry, and treatment for this sickness.

First, we need to simply stop paying any attention at all to what's said by psychotic psychopaths willing to cause the end of the world for their own delusions. Treatment or ostracism, confession and cessation or being stripped of everything. For now, it's their choice, but the window is closing and if we don't' act rationally, others are likely to act irrationally and violently. That only makes the solutions harder; we need to prevent it by acting strongly now.


The Prophet Muhammad was humanity's last Great Messenger from God as was Jesus before him.
Islam has brought the world many great gifts from the Creator. The world, now, is in such great turmoil that humanity needs a new way forward.
At times such as these, God sends a New Message and a New Messenger to receive such teachings. We are living in such times; newmessage.org.
May this be so.


Wwooowww, I am with you all the way.... What do we do to get there?... I mean, I am fairly new to this way of thinking... although, subconsciously, I think I have thought this way all my life, since, I didn't fit into the money scheming theme from the start.


Hello Oatstraw,
You can add the Tobacco Industry to the list of what the Corps-O-Rations knew and the total BS Propaganda they also spewed to deny their wrongdoings!


At the time of this conference the city of LA was hotly debating whether to keep or scrap their extensive trolley system. The link below is to a documentary on how GM bought out and then scrapped provate trolly line companies, but if you pick up the narrative at the 19 minute mark you will find the same line of denial about the effects of internal combustion engine exhaust on the air quality in LA.
Given the history of hte past 65 years their argument back then seems ludicrous, but in 1946 both industry and science were as highly regarded as religion as a trusted source of information by the public, instead of being comprised of human beings whose opinions were for sale for the right price.


We hear much in the media about animal produced methane, and escaped freon and aerosol as causes of global warming, but we hear very little about the effects of internal combustion engine exhaust, which is a major, if not THE major cause of the problem.

The corporate controlled MSM probably wants us to disregard this pollution because the production of cars - many thousands per day - is a major contribution to GDP.

It's unlikely that many people today would like to consider giving up their cars to save the earth, but this article, from a very respectable source, tells us just how nasty auto exhaust is:


The solution might be a very efficient US nationwide public transportation system, administered by the federal government and financed by a drastic reduction (or better, elimination) of the bloated military budget.

Oh, but wait, that's socialism and so would eliminate corporate profits, so let's forget about it, and keep polluting the atmosphere with more cars to make Wall St. happy.