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Oil Spill's Damage to Marine Area Around Mauritius 'Substantial' and Maybe 'Irreversible,' Expert Warns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/oil-spills-damage-marine-area-around-mauritius-substantial-and-maybe-irreversible

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"The oil spill occurred “near two environmentally protected marine ecosystems and the Blue Bay Marine Park reserve, which is a wetland of international importance,”

WTF was the stupid ship doing so close to shore anyway? Do they not have depth monitors on these fucking vessels of destruction? Was everyone asleep?

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Remember the cruise ship “costa concordia” which ran aground in 2012 after hitting a large rock in which 32 passengers died. It was too close to shore.

I just looked at the area on a map, and was thinking the same thing, other than a storm, or engine failure, I can’t imagine an excuse for such negligence.

And we will probably never find out.