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'OK, Billionaire': Warren Campaign Shrugs Off Mega-Rich Investor Who Called 2020 Candidate 'Disgraceful'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/14/ok-billionaire-warren-campaign-shrugs-mega-rich-investor-who-called-2020-candidate

I plan on having $52 million in wealth. Very soon. Well, pretty soon.

My point is, I’m not sure about where I stand on having to someday pay $40k of that to help the poor.
Because my being poor currently is only a temporary inconvenience.
I mean, damn, the future of my fleet of (well, single) rolling hot dog cart(s) is bright as hell.


“Socialism never took root in the United States, because its workers see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but rather as temporarily embarassed millionaires.”
–Ronald Wright

That’s the only way I can think of to explain why much of the 99% thinks tax cuts for the 1% somehow benefit them.


Thanks for sharing a great quote. You’re on a roll today Guild.
And Liz, I’m as shocked as you are. Not at all.

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God, I wish Bernie would fight like this. He’s so “gentlemanly” with “he’s a friend of mine” that he sounds weak and victimy. I want my president to be tough, to strongly and even sarcastically put the Robber Barons in their place. He, and I love Bernie, by the way he campaigns, makes me fear he’ll “nice guy” away the Revolution. She won’t,

Warren is far more aligned with those billionaires than Bernie on a wide range of issues, was taking their money as of a few months ago and her policies don’t go nearly as far as his. So, for them to act in this way towards a person that simply wants to make capitalism a little more humane is telling. Her wealth tax by itself isn’t radical, and the rich that would be subject to the tax would still be incredibly rich, and look at how they are acting. Given Warren’s record though, she’ll work with them, sit down with them, support the same system that they support and benefit from. It isn’t enough, nowhere near it, but it is telling that they act this way even in response to her and what she offers.

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“Cooperman was [charged with insider trading], while Blankfein [earned $70 million during the financial crash]”
And these two dirtbags have the nerve to complain about paying more in taxes. Send Cooperman the mug, he’s already cried on air, just a criminal snowflake.

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I agree. And revolutions always end with a lot of women and children dead and a new set of boys at the helm.

Careful your self. Men and boys die because they are more easily seduced by grandiose visions of heroism than women. We know, non patriarchal women that is, that if you have to kill to implement your " new " vision, that it’s not much different from the old vision of might makes right.