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Okay Kids Do Your Thing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/11/08/okay-kids-do-your-thing

How I would love for this to be a huge success, but be prepared for this action to be small with little mainstream coverage, the university staff and MAGA alumni will do everything in their power to squelch this. Hell, they’re already tracking students locations to know if they leave a game early. With foreknowledge just imagine what tech services can be employed against protesting students.


For those who haven’t heard it (and thanks for running that photo again):

Q.: What’s the difference between Donald J. Twump and the Hindenburg?
A.: One is a flaming Nazi gasbag, and the other is just a dirigble.

As to the Student Government Association, didn’t they teach you that the Bill of Rights protects EVERYBODY’S speech, not just that of rich racists, misogynists and Republicans? Would you have issued your retraction if there hadn’t been any objections?


It will be worth watching the 3 hour long snooze fest called Game Day to see what kind of (non)coverage they give any protests. Will especially be looking for any anti rump signs that are sprinkled throughout the crowd attending the live broadcast, though am fairly certain any student carrying a ‘political’ sign will be banned from the crowd and off camera.

(am assuming that Game Day is indeed at this game)


I don’t think they’ve invented a technology that can stop students from booing.

As for how that’ll work out at tomorrow’s game, I suspect that the older pro-Trump crowd will outnumber the anti-Trump liberal students – which means the booing will get drowned out.

As for mainstream coverage, this game will be on lots of screens in prime time.


“I don’t think they’ve invented a technology that can stop students from booing.”

I agree, but with the students knowing they’re being tracked now by UA for football game attendance, and all of the other technology available, that’s got to have some dampening effect on any student protest. From that perspective, UA is holding all of the cards (and diplomas), and the students know it.
And yes, this game will have huge exposure across the country, but that doesn’t mean the public will see protests from students being aired, I’m sure you know there’s many ways the networks can focus the viewers attention away from student action during the game, especially if the administration wants them to. I wish them well, and hope with the possible exposure, they are successful.


Folks said Trump took Kanye with his ass to Tuscaloosa, now that shit is funny. My friends are posting images on fb of protest signs students are proudly flying against the orange asshat. One sign said “Go Home Carpet Bagger!” Others sprinkled in with f-bombs, also telling the orange one to gtfo!


Well the games over, I saw one, maybe 4-5 sec. clip of president ass hat with no chanting audible on the sound track. I don’t do FB, so I hope Pissingnariver is correct, and there were many protests against trump on it. Found a vid of the balloon, I haven’t been to Tuscaloosa for many years, so I can’t tell where it’s set-up. If you know the area, post below and tell us how close to the stadium it is. Well youtube pulled the capital “I” or lowercase “L” game with the address for the vid, so no luck linking it. It’s on youtube under “Baby Trump comes to Tuscaloosa for Alabama vs. LSU”

I read that an irate man ran up to the baby ballon and slash it in the back. Really, they have no sense of humor.

And now:


Damn! Why couldn’t he have done that to the @realtrumpytard???

proving yet again that violence is endemic to the fringe-right that represents individual 1’s base.

Alabama won’t ever get any $ from me. Bunch of ignoramus losers!

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