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Okay. Let's Have That Investigation into "Voter Fraud"


Okay. Let's Have That Investigation into "Voter Fraud"

Andrew Cohen

The scary part of the still-developing "voter fraud" story isn't that President Donald Trump evidently buys into a conspiracy theory that supports both his worldview and his ego. The scary part is that a majority of his fellow Republicans, and a significant number of Democrats, also evidently buy into the myth.


If anyone thinks that a presidential commission under Trump would deliver anything but confirmation of what Trump says is clearly still in deep denial about who Donald Trump is. Things are not normal. The institutions you thought you could rely on will not protect us.

Steve Bannon is registered in two states:


Think Trump is going to fire him for that? His skin isn't dark. He doesn't have a Mexican accent. Hmmm, I'm thinking no.

Wake up, folks.


As usual, no mention of computerized election fraud. History will not look kindly on the refusal of the media to report on this story.


Spicer says that the probe into voter fraud would center on blue states with large urban populations:


Is it becoming clear now?

Btw, those are many of the same cities that Trump is going to punish by witholding funding.


Know who else is registered in two states? Tiffany Trump.


Like the article says, it's not uncommon for college students to be registered in two places, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Is this designed to keep young people from voting?


Yes have Trump put his money where his mouth is and prove his claim.


I'm kind of amused by commentators who say Trump must do this or that. You guys are way behind the curve. Trump is going to do exactly what he want to and you guys can go to hell as far as he and the Repubs are concerned. I predict that there will be no further Dem majorities in Congress and no more Dem presidents. Most if not all Dem governors will be ousted, and that will be that.

We have effectively become a one-party state. Do you know how to spell D I C T A T O R S H I P ?


No matter what Trump does about this we absolutely need to investigate our election process ASAP. The GOP runs 32 states and each one has different voter laws. The supression techniques they have been using are targeted against minorities and other democratic voting groups. Greg Palast investigated this issue for 2 yrs. I believe his movie is called "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy". Besides shutting down polling places and times to vote they implemented a multiple state Crosschecking list. This list looks at people of the same name from different states and removes them from the voting rolls. Coincidentally many of the names are Hispanic, Black or Asian sounding names. These are MILLIONS of voters. If Trump and the GOP keep lying about in person voter fraud (which rarely occurs) we NEED to get the truth out about which Party is really behind destroying the integrity of out elections. Not to mention using ballot machines with NO PAPER PRINTOUTS or Proprietary software that can be hacked. Please don't wait until it is too late for the next election.


You're right, but it is already too late.

I'm beginning to feel like the French must have felt during the occupation.

Palast's work is here:

Spread it around before it's declared illegal or Russian propaganda and deleted.


we need to share Greg Palast's work on election stealing all over the




Have heard nothing of the recounts in Michigan,Wisconsin and Pennsylvania ---I know Trump had lawyers up there doing everything to stop these recounts. Its interesting how the corporate media is telling Trump to be quiet about this?????people might find out about the real voter fraud. And so little comment on the fact that we now have two recent elections were a candidate wins the White House with fewer votes than his opponent.


"To that end, if he's really serious about learning more about the massive fraud he says occurred, President Trump should create a blue-ribbon presidential commission to study voting rights, voter suppression, and allegations of voter fraud in the 2016 election. The panel should be led by former Supreme Court justices Sandra Day O'Connor, David Souter, and John Paul Stevens-- all Republican appointees. The lead investigator of the Commission should be former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald-- another Republican appointee. Congress should endorse the endeavor.

I wouldnt put any faith in any comission let alone one created by trump, lets look at the 9/11 comission for example... a whitewash job at its least and more like an act of treason , just what were they hiding, then there is the comission looking in to the JFK assasination, still waiting for answers there that will never come.

This is just another bullshit distraction to keep us occupied,while even more sleazy shit is going on behind the distraction, no one in washington wants to drain the swamp.....its hiding to many bodies .

The whole system is rotten to the core and it is becoming painfully obvious to more and more , it is going to take more than a "comission" to sort out this giant heap of dung....


I'll add to your final thought. Can you spell FASCISM? Make that ALT-FASCISM. This country just elected our first corporation to the Presidency. That corporate person appointed Exxon, Goldman Sachs and Koch corporations to his cabinet. These corporations and other transnational corps have been rewriting our Constitution through the courts for over 125 years to garner human rights. and now they actually sit in the highest offices in the land. Hard to believe this country fought fascism in World War II and has now implemented it. Capitalism, what a social theory.


An excellent proposition. Whether or not we get the investigatory commission, the call in congress, and before the American people, of “put up or shut up” is a powerful argument and one that should not be ignored, but loudly promoted by any credible opposition.