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Okay, So Thomas the Train Is Integrated Now and the NRA Is Losing It


Okay, So Thomas the Train Is Integrated Now and the NRA Is Losing It

While the NRA has done a swell job whipping America into shape - so many guns! - it's now facing down the awful specter of ethnic diversity and gender equality in its latest lethal incarnation: Thomas the Tank Engine has introduced a Kenyan train, also some girl trains. What the? Mixing train races? The horror. Fighting back, Dana Loesch went on NRA TV and put Thomas and his snooty diverse friends in white KKK hoods, riding on flaming tracks, because, umm.... We don't get it either.


This is the kind of knuckle-headed nonsense that keeps me from identifying myself as a Conservative. These people have lost their bloomin’ minds. Remember the howls of outrage when the pope made statements about helping the poor? You couldn’t hear yourself think for the right-wing radio jocks who were screaming “COMMIE!!!” at the top of their lungs, despite the fact that this is the heart of the Christian faith and there is a long history of such generous giving by the saints.

These are the same people who don’t have money for Social Security or Medicare, but every time the Military opens its mouth, they reach for their wallets. There is never a lack of money for war, just for social correction.

As a Christian, I find Conservatism despicable in so many ways, and I am amazed and stunned at the number of people who are Conservative who try to pass such thought off as being compatible with orthodox Christianity.


And then there’s the fact that TTT is basically an advertisement for Mattel toys and conditioning kids globally to become voracious consumerists and users of anything plastic. Oh, never mind…it’s so cute


Uh yes Dana it is a poetic/literary device called personification.
Any college educated person, no, any High School/GED educated person should be aware of this, even if they do not know the term. Heck, a 4 year old is aware the train is LIKE a person, but IS NOT a real person.

I understand girl, you have to dumb it down for your audience.

Definition of Personification

As a literary device, personification is the projection of characteristics that normally belong only to humans onto inanimate objects, animals, deities, or forces of nature. These characteristics can include verbs of actions that only humans do or adjectives that describe a human condition. The characteristics can also be emotions, feelings, or motives given to objects incapable of thought. For example, if someone said, “the trees whispered their discontent,” this would personify the trees both as able to whisper and of feeling unhappy. Personification is also sometimes referred to as anthropomorphism when it is used to give human feelings and actions to animals.


And they think it is the Other People who shouldn’t have a vote ???


Why, oh why, do the NRA/Racist folks always react like this to diversity and inclusion? WTF is wrong with these people? What are they so afraid of? It boggles the mind!


Exactly. The US-right is US-sick.


Credit given where it’s due, Eddie. Good post.


These people are like three year olds looking for an audience.


They are cowards to hide behind their guns.