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Okinawa Residents Warned of Chlorine Gas Exposure After Fire Erupts at US Military Hazmat Facility

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/22/okinawa-residents-warned-chlorine-gas-exposure-after-fire-erupts-us-military-hazmat

U.S. capitalists, and that includes the MIC, cares little about polluting American home soil, air, and water. Why would they care about anywhere else. We are far from honest brokers.

I CAN’T BREATH, writ worldwide.
Last I checked over 700 US military bases in more than half the world’s countries.
Average of 80 military operations on any given day, anywhere, everywhere.
You dont have to be a weatherman to know you cant breath with a knee crushing your neck or cloudy with a chance of poisonous gas.

Local journalists, the authorities said had portrayed the U.S. military in a “negative light.”

That’s because the US military has been acting like jackasses long before and since I was stationed at Kadena

From raping to plundering to poisoning, the US has been catastrophic to the local People

Who I might add, are absolutely the Best

I have interacted with the Ryukyu People for over 40 years now and one thing is clear

US and Japan need to get the hell out of Okinawa

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We won’t be going anywhere as long there is something to exploit.