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Oklahoma Earthquake Shows Fracking's Potential for "Serious Harm"


Oklahoma Earthquake Shows Fracking's Potential for "Serious Harm"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The earthquake in Oklahoma on Sunday that damaged dozens of buildings near the pipeline epicenter of Cushing is further proof that fossil fuel extraction activities are too dangerous to continue, environmentalists said Monday.




Actually, it's not the fracking that's causing earthquakes. The earthquakes are caused by the tremendous number of injection wells used to dispose of toxic wastewater deep into the earth. Not saying I'm for fracking (I'm not, due to the danger it poses to groudwater)... but if you're going to do a story, at least get the science right... otherwise you're no better than Trump-chumps.

The earthquakes are caused by injection wells.


Okies will change their tune about the danger of earthquakes (big deal we have tornados) when they reach 7, 8, or 9 on the Richter Scale.


It says the earthquakes are "associated" with fracking. The article says, "The USGS has already linked seismic activity to wastewater disposal associated with fracking and has raised the risk for damaging quakes in Oklahoma and Kansas." :oil::non-potable_water:

Just clarifying


Documents are surfacing that confirm that oil drilling (not even fracking) exacerbated Southern California's most devastating earthquake in 1933.

The petrochemical industry was way ahead of tobacco and sugar industries in cover ups.


Indeed, history was forgotten and now we have the grand opportunity to see it repeated. Care to wager on how many people die this time? Since no one who matters cares to take this seriously.


The earthquakes are merely a coincidence. Some people blame fracking for everything.

I kid.


An investigation into the potential health effects of fracking found there was “sufficient” evidence to suggest that a number of “air and water-born environmental hazards” would be likely to occur should the operations go ahead.