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Oklahoma Is Now the Earthquake Capital of America


Oklahoma Is Now the Earthquake Capital of America

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Earthquakes in Oklahoma increased by 50 percent in 2015, surpassing the previous year's record and sounding new alarms over the risks of oil and gas operations like hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.


Oh for cryin' out loud, that cannot possibly be a photo of earthquake damage.


Thank you marcyincny, for beating me to the punch. Indeed, the picture is from a tornado, which hit Moore OK in 2013. Similar pictures of the event are easily found with a quick search on the internet.


We deal with the fact that corporations simply do not care. They will continue doing hazardous things if they can make money at it. They will not stop voluntarily despite all their protestations of innocence. It isn't Bhopal or Nigeria or So. America, it isn't even in the Gulf. It is in Oklahoma, USA.

Do corporations care? No dammit they don't. That is reality. That is what we leave for our children. What happens when all that poisoned waste water reaches the aquifers and drinking wells? Oklahoman children will deal with that someday when they are adults.


This is a picture of a giant sinkhole in Pilcher, OK that should have accompanied the CD article. Sinkholes in the state have dramatically increased along with the incidences of earthquakes, which (coupled with oil well drilling) can be directly connected to the rampant fracking that has also plagued the state. Again, profit over people...morality, integrity, caring for the people and planet are no where to be found in OK.


The earthquakes are an awful sign, but I'm way more worried about that pollution getting into groundwater and contaminating Oklahoma's water permanently. I'm imagine some future ban on products made from Oklahoma crops or livestock. It would be devastating for the state.