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Oklahoma Rattled by Earthquake Near Pipeline Epicenter


Oklahoma Rattled by Earthquake Near Pipeline Epicenter

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Oklahoma was rocked by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake Sunday evening near the city of Cushing, a fossil fuel epicenter that bills itself as the "Pipeline Crossroads of the World."


Oh well. Just another threat to the environment imposed by the fossil fuel industry. Members of the 1% don't live there, so who cares?



The wastewater injection that goes along with these oil operations causes earthquakes. Here in Monterey County we have major fault lines including the San Andreas that put this region at risk. Measure Z is a Citizen's Initiative that bans fracking and phases out wastewater injection. We could use your donations to finish off this effort. We have been outspent over 30 to 1 by Chevron, ExxonMobile and Shell, but it looks like we are heading for a win. This region is a beachhead in the fight against fracking. Please donate at https://protectmontereycounty.nationbuilder.com/donate


This is why the Native Americans fight in North Dakota. Oil and Gas companies are out of control and destroying land and water in many states. Oklahoma will one day be like the Gulf, so toxic that they are not fit to live in.


Good luck in your struggle. Colorado has been fighting these companies and others for many years now. We have lost most of them. When we get close to winning the Governor steps in and we still lose. God help us.


The new way to corporate profit "earthquaking"


Time to outgrow our collective madness: Total, rolling, non cooperation for Mother Earth and all who depend on her.


Oklahoma takes it up the place where the sun don't shine once again due probably to it's delight in promoting fracking wonderland. Are the Koch Brothers feeding Inhofe with his unflagging dedication to the cause of geologic chaos in the Land of the Okies.


Dede and others. solidarity is important now, as ever.
My sister who lives and and farms on the border between Oklahoma and Kansas bought earthquake insurance two years ago Fortunately for her it was cheap, as her agent said no one has asked for it before!
I am in Iowa working against the Bakken pipeline, and many of us here are also supporting efforts at standing rock.
Let's be strong and fight this. Solidarity and intent can take us a long way, against fracking and piplelines.
god bless.


I wonder if homeowner's insurance covers earthquake damage? People of OK- weak-knee and weak-willed


The Arkansas River runs not far from where this greedy mistake. Homes in the area have no basements. The reason is because the water table is too close the the surface. This water table is, of course, the Arkansas River running underground. The river travels through Tulsa and on to Little Rock and then to the Mississippi. What could go wrong?


The fight goes on.