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Oklahoma Republican Pushing Anti-Choice Bill Calls Women 'Hosts'


Oklahoma Republican Pushing Anti-Choice Bill Calls Women 'Hosts'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

An Oklahoma lawmaker who has authored an extreme anti-abortion bill to be considered in the legislature Tuesday told The Intercept that a woman's body, once pregnant, is no longer hers—it is a "host."


Dude is totally a narrow minded ass. No one plans on having a baby with congenital anomolies. Few people can afford the health care such a baby will require over their lifetime. Repubelicans like this dude couldn't care less if the baby died after delivery. Cutting Medicare and the ACA will do just that- kill babies. As long as the baby is attached to "the woman's body", they feel it an imperative to control that woman's body by "saving the baby from being killed." Yet they are more than happy to kill the baby after its born by denying medical care. They aren't pro-life at all and they aren't really interested in saving the lives of babies. They are hypocrites of the worst order.


Speaking of hosts, Humphreys you are one for all the rancor, poison, and misogyny that will eventually eat you inside-out leaving you an empty vessel.

Wonder what his wife, Carla and his other female relatives and staff think of him considering them to all be "hosts." He is shameless and obviously has little respect for women in general, his wife included. All his female constituents must be thrilled, too. (Only 2,056 folks voted for this idiot. 2,056 TOO MANY)


Okay, well that Oklahoma lawmaker is a pretty narrow minded p----. "Once pregnant" being the key phrase here. A man's allegiance to a woman is often as fleeting as a passing storm. But the woman knows, by Divine Intuition FOR SURE. If the pregnancy is well underway maybe it's not right to terminate, but at the zygote stage surely it's best to let go.


"Yet they are more than happy to kill the baby after its born by denying medical care. They aren't pro-life at all"
Nope, they're not. If the mother through great difficulty manages to raise the child chances are it might be wasted in some Iraq-like war. First thing pro life legislators need to learn is that our grown children are precious, be we yet so poor. Maybe then more mothers would consent to the ordeal before them of having the child.


What an asshole! One can only hope that if there is such a thing as karma, he comes back in his next life as a "host" to a very unwanted pregnancy.


They're emboldened and this is their comfort zone. To say they're wild boars is an understatement. Republicans are just this bad, period. Bigots, Racists and Fascists, oh my!


Host is a biological term. The term usually also involves some sort of parasite that thrives as it sucks out its host's ability to live.

I can sort of understand how a Republican could see a stranger, a woman, in this way. Republicans (and many Democrats) have their parasitic side. When a stranger gets pregnant, this usually keeps the woman down for 18 years or more, forcing her to work at bad jobs, to trade years of her future labor for her baby.

For the rich this is all pretty great news, and at the end of the 18 years maybe the country gets another slab of poverty-class cannon fodder. That's a not-so-pro-life ending to the whole unwed mother deal, but whatever. The system typically works out pretty well for the wealthy.


Great response. I'm biting at the chomp to call his office tomorrow morning: (405) 557-7382.


I grew up hearing from men in the South, "Women need to keep their legs closed." As i got older, i started to say, "So you were a virgin until marriage? Not much of a man?" Every response was the same: not him, he got with a lot of girls...everyone responded this way...hmmmm, whats wrong with their responses? In a country frightened of half of the human experience, this will never change, but only because women aren't part of the conversation. Instead some "lawmaker", not love-maker is. Apparently there is a galaxy size difference between the two.


Too bad the Oklahoma legislature is host to this malignant tumor on humanity.


This is absolutely disgusting! The fact that this guy has the gall to call women "hosts", especially after passing such an extremely anti-choice bill is beyond horrific! This man has absolutely no respect for women, and his kind of thinking hails way back to the dark ages.

If such laws pass in enough states, the days when women went to back-alley butchers to get illegal, unsafe abortions out of desperation to end an unwanted pregnancy, and either becoming permanently crippled, or dying as a result, will come back with a vengeance.


Never counting the dead bodies left on the battlefields every day, sacrificed to empire.
Never counting the suicides of soldiers who return home to show us how damaged they are by war.
Never counting the homeless, the 25% of US children living in poverty -- or the toll of turning US into a third world nation.
Never counting the 1 in 4 babies being taken into the darkness of Autism every day from our poisonous vaccines.
Never counting the millions in our prisons, not being rehabilitated but being raped and tortured there.
Never counting the destruction of our planet and the increasing drive to wipe out every memory of the beauty of Nature.


"Women need to keep their legs closed." Hmm then I guess rape and assault are just some good ol boys doing their locker room thing?


It sounds like a cult- "rights of the unborn." Yes, rights to all of the above about what you have mentioned.


This is great- I guess his own mommy was merely a "host" to him. Probably another drunk with a rotted brain.


Maybe that's why they are so anti abortion.


And alchoholics and drug addicts too!


As has been pointed out before, if the child is a male he is entitled to rights which his mother doesn't have --
full citizenship under our Constitution. Of course, if he's AA then his rights will be dwindled by poor education,
poor wages, and even prison -- possibly even being shot down in his own community by a police officer.



Yeah, you've got a point. If I were a woman in that crazy state, I would move!