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Oklahoma: Where Your Trip to a Public Restroom Will Include State-Ordered Anti-Choice Literature


Oklahoma: Where Your Trip to a Public Restroom Will Include State-Ordered Anti-Choice Literature

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As reproductive rights advocates brace for likely future attacks on during Donald Trump's administration, the war on women continued in Oklahoma on Tuesday with the approval of regulations requiring the posting of anti-abortion signs in public bathrooms.


Speaking of Oklahoma, I boycotted the entire state about 5 years ago due to rather horrific laws on marijuana, even medical from another state. One joint will get you one year.

"We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee
We don't take our trips on LSD
We don't burn our draft cards down on Main Street
We like livin' right, and bein' free"

Just not free enough for medical treatment to be between patient and doctor, without the State standing in your way--just like with abortion.

You cannot legislate morality. Oklahoma does by authoritarian, back woods mentality. To Hell with Oklahoma. Fracking already destroyed your state. Dumbshit science deniers. Doing your part to bring Hell to Earth.


Public Oklahoman washroom's toilets repeatedly clogged by pamphlets in three, two, one....


Women should rip these signs off the wall.

These misogynist male jerks, mostly responsible for these attacks on women should be reminded to keep their dicks in their pants. Perhaps some posters should be placed in their government office restrooms informing them of such.


Is there anything other than oil that comes from Oklahoma that we can boycott ?


And the solution to that...
Print the literature on the toilet paper (where it belongs).


TP won't clog drains as well as the signs and pamphlets will.


Since the organizations have to provide their own signs, someone could have some fun making up some of the most ignorant looking signs imaginable, complete with misspellings and illustrations - and added words of clarification "just to help with the intent". Caricatures of the lawmakers with speaking balloons would also be good.
After all, they are "from the guvermint, and r here to help"


Your comment made me think of the drill Sargent in the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman" but that would be totally politically incorrect and inappropriate to actually quote.


I recall driving through OK on a summer night and seeing giant insects around street lights. Perhaps if eating insects becomes popular, they would be able to package and ship them ?


How would a broad economic boycott of Oklahoma be a just response? Would that not affect the women already being abused?


So women in general wouldn't be affected financially? It is a simple point.

Most people in this country are stressed out economically, wondering if they can afford to fix the car, or buy food, much less whether getting a root canal is even an option.

A months long economic boycott (theoretically possible but almost guaranteed won't be happening) targeted at everything Oklahoma i.e., not specifically targeted to affect those responsible for making such misogynist laws, could have a devastating impact on women in general.

Don't see how such a negative impact could possibly boost their moral, past the point of ripping the dam posters off of the wall.


Flush it down the toilet with YOUR excrement!


That's where excrement BELONGS, right?!


Folks, these signs are stupid, to be sure, but they aren't anti-choice.
They're anti abortion.

"There are many public and private agencies willing and able to help you carry your child to term and assist you and your child after your child is born, whether you choose to keep your child or to place him or her for adoption. The State of Oklahoma strongly urges you to contact them if you are pregnant."

This kind of thing should raise eyebrows, but let's stay focused on preventing actual laws that take away freedom.


Ho hum, standard procedure for the Okies. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, left at age 19 and remember the first time I drove back as soon as crossing the border there were numerous signs, signs saying don't do this, don't do that. So, this is typical Okie foolishness, unfortunately Okie political/social philosophy is very authoritarian bordering on fascist. It's probably that whole vengeful God thing. But, really you've got to worry about people who are fine with fracking and the earthquakes it causes. Hey friends just wait till these quakes reach a magnitude of 7 and above. The power of the quakes has increased from 3 to 5.5 so...But what do you expect from people who allowed the over cultivation of wheat in extended drought conditions to precipitate a dust bowl?


After the deaths of my parents, I have no reason to return to Oklahoma, too bad cause I would certainly carry my indelible ink magic marker to the bathroom with me.


Oklahoma is a backwash. Move on, nothing to see here.


It's pretty clear to me, using just the link to the bill from the OP and a very little bit of research beyond that, that this is another case of inflammatory headlining. My immediate puzzlement was how the signage was meant to provide any kind of useful information (and that "if you are pregnant" is the last phrase in the prescribed text). Indeed, I would guess the reason the ACLU is reticent about what action they'll take is that the law is not as draconian as presented here. Stupid, perhaps, but not imposing on private facilities.

The law requires the OK Dept of Health to set up a Web site with a directory of agencies to provide the "assist[ance]" to bear a child, and to

make available to each facility in this state which is open to the public
containing a restroom available to the public, and licensed by the
State Department of Health, signage which is to be posted in its
restroom containing the statement and the website address to obtain
the information. [emphasis added]

What I actually find a bit scarier is the unclear reference made several times in the law to a .org Web site that consists almost entirely of a booklet titled "A Woman's Right to Know." Only by downloading the PDF booklet and scanning through its mostly balanced information was I able to learn that it comes from the OK Board of Medical Licensure & Supervision.

The AP story also linked here (though not so carefully read by the CD writer) notes

Tony Lauinger, executive director of Oklahomans for Life, said the group's intent was for the Health Department to produce the signage, but only if the Legislature appropriated funds to do so.

Indeed, the law begins,

Contingent on the availability of funds being appropriated
by the Legislature specifically for this purpose

Probably a good place for Oklahomans to object to (or support) spending their tax dollars. But not a real big issue for those of us who can choose to pass through or not.


Why does Texas not float out into the Gulf of Mexico? Because Oklahoma sucks.