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'Old Boys Club' Fox News Slapped With Racial Discrimination Lawsuit


'Old Boys Club' Fox News Slapped With Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Just days after lead network personality Bill O'Reilly was canned from the network in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, Fox News was slapped with a class-action racial discrimination lawsuit.


The EEOC should have investigated FOX many, many years ago. And why not? Because they are part of the old boys' Club too.

Guess where Uncle Tom Clarence Thomas came from. Former "head" or rather "dick-head" of the EEOC he was, when Anita Hill rightly accused him of sexual harassment. His nickname was "Long Dong Silver." Imagine heading the Equal Opportunity Commission that is SUPPOSED to investigate these crimes...and committing that same crime himself.Then the good ol' boys put him on the the Supreme Court. As a reward, I suppose, a slap in the face of all women.

When Trump caught that married woman in an empty room in Mar-a-Lago, grabbed her and stuck his lizard tongue down her throat...too bad she did not bite it off. It would have saved us all a lot of suffering.


Sorry for the typo..."Equal Employment Opportunity Commission"