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Old Congress, New Congress: Profiles in Sore Losing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/04/old-congress-new-congress-profiles-sore-losing


Party ueber alles, the Republican mantra. This proud Progressive Independent agrees with Noam Chomsky that the Republican party is the biggest threat to the world at this time. Fascism is just a tool for them. Their ideology has outstripped even its horrors. Nietzsche said to be careful not to gaze too long into the abyss, lest the abyss gaze into thee. Well we have been looking down into the depths of depravity for at least four decades now and it is long past time to back up the concrete trucks up and fill that abyss to the brim, burying each and every scummy traitor that we can. Whether they be sedition-minded senators or those that paraded with their AR-15s to scare children and their parents out of the public square, they must be buried as they are beyond redemption. If they do not repent and reform what good are they to the nation. They don’t have to change their party affiliation, just their party’s character. As an Independent, I tip my hat to the Democrats who have exercised great restraint and just let the whackos reveal themselves for who they are. Some Republicans are staying out of the fray and they should be commended, but the whackos should have been whacked, yesterday.


Keep pretending that the democrat controlled house is opposed to Trump’s agenda

after 4 years of supporting the same priorities while they pretend to oppose them.

The republicans are blatantly fascist while the democrats use theatrics to help conceal

their complicity. The so-called USA is a vulture with two right wings.


Between all of us and the abyss is a handful of Progressive MOC…they are my heroes and heroines. Biden is a corporate-loving poor excuse. As a Bernie-AOC-Nina Turner-Ro Khanna-Cornel West-Jayapal-Omar-Tlaib supporter, I fervently pray-hope-work for more “Democrats” to become Progressives or run-legislate under the banner of the new party Nick Brana et.al. are building.


I’m glad that the story recalls Susan Collin’s reasoning for her acquittal votes for DJT.
He has learned his lesson and will be a good boy from now on.
Silly girl, trump never felt he did anything wrong. He has mental problems and they aren’t going away.


JHC. This is not about being a sore loser, this is political theater. Whether these scumbags actually believe in this cause is one thing. More importantly they’re doing it because they’re bowing to the new master of the GOP - Trumpism. Let’s just stop bitching about how bad Trump and his enablers are and start asking How the F we got to this broken state. Hint: The Democratic Party is equally complicit.

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Reagan and his acolytes dreamed of a day when the American people would lose all confidence in their government to do anything for them.

Just heard about the “Fraud Squad” installing Pelosi without a fight or exacting a promise to vote on M4A. Woulda failed? Sure. What progressive legislative action was not opposed at first? Huge lost opportunity to shift the “Overton Window”.

Nothing the Repubs do, surprises me. Republicans stab you in the chest, democrats stab you in the back(yeah, I stole that.)

Gotta build something else. It’s time.

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