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'Oldest Play in the Book': Critics Warn New Domestic Terror Laws Aimed at Pro-Trump Mob Would Be Used Against Legitimate Protest

Who needs to be dealt with by whom, and what does “dealing with” mean?

It is always those in power who “deal with” those who do not have power. It may be Democrats dealing with Republican insurrectionists now, but if we accept the notion of retributionit justice, it will surely be conservatives dealing with progressives in the future.


As Roudy Yates used to say, "Head’em up, move’em out.
Let’s try using the Rico Act to see if it is still a viable catchall.

Silencing the opposition is great fun for the neo-cons and their allies in the cancel culture. Great fun until the day comes when they find that they are the opposition. So enjoy Apple, Google, FB and twitter playing Big Brother while you can.


Looks like trump’s name will only be on his own properties. Can we imagine anyone naming a school, bridge, or airport after DJT?
Maybe a war zone shit house though.
I hope we can navigate the next nine days.


Maybe we need to beef up security in the capital. On site, or next door, or in the basement security forces. If something like the 6th of Jan. happens again troops will be minutes away.

It is indeed the only reasonable explanation.
Police murder and brutalize every day in this country as a matter of routine. I was brutalized last week for driving at 40ml/hr on an empty back road with a sign for 30 ml/hr. In the middle of a pan epidemic. Obviously just for the sadistic pleasure of the officer who also threatened a 2nd ticket while writing the 1st, as she was being annoyed by my not very reverent presence. The lack of response on January 6th was an extreme outlier from multiple perspectives.


You didn’t mention a wall. I’m pretty sure a viable effort will be made to name walls all over the country after Trump. Especially so, if the walls are useless, dangerous and cost 5 times more than they ought to.
Will the Bidenistas remove Trump’s walls? Or, like their effort to " wall in " general dissent, put us all inside Fortress America? The British are famous for locking citizens inside the " garrison state ", as you probably are aware of.
Bidenistas need to provide real evidence regarding the troublemaking of the BLM organization, of the disruption and destruction of Antifa and the left in general, before emulating the methods of the old British Empire.
The ability to escape despotic and autocratic regimes anywhere is becoming more important to surviving on our planet these days, right? Who wants to be locked in a burning building, after all.
Certainly not the top 1%ers whose escape plans include places often called " getaways ". { snark }


I sympathize with much of what pastor Hedges says, and don’t find fault in his usage of Twitter, or social media in general, it is not hypocritical to complain about the management and flaws in a service while seeking reform of that system. I’d argue that his pre-election talks which explained why he could not personally vote for Biden, while he urged supporters to go to the polls and prevent Trump from winning re-election came much closer to such hypocrisy. Regardless, there are no perfect people, but pastor Hedges’ talks and works add more to making this nation worth fighting for than any venial personal incongruities subtract from the sum of his value to what our nation can someday attain, with a lot of work and dedication by all of us.

There’s a train station in israel named after him i believe. :slight_smile:

Ain’t it the truth? And regular folks won’t understand how this is played over and over again. They absolutely want to restrict descent and protests because we have dared to exercise our rights. The onus should be on the protection forces who didn’t plan for the mob and who dismissed it because “it’s just white folks.” The jerks on January 6 who “protested” have every right to protest and I would defend that right. However, they do not have the right to vandalize federal property or threaten the lives of other citizens.


“Well, Biden and Harris are just the ones to do it, so heads up.”

Plus, after the Senate fails to convict the president, the next Republican administration.

Ah, YES, I remember it, WELL! He WROTE the damn BILL! He BEAT the “socialist!” Nothing, fundamentally, will change!



Hi gandolf:
What does the Rico act do?

Hi mrsannhitts:

Name a wall after Trump…hmmm, maybe a wall in latrines. Perghaps in the future diners will excuse themselves to “Take a TRUMP.” : )

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2022 when the Dems lose the HOuse and probably the Senate again

I understand the Senate Republicans are seriously considering changing all the walls in our National Parks from being called " retaining " to " trumpian " walls. Please call Minority Leader McConnell for details. To be continued…

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We tried that with Occupy across the US and were brutally taken out.

Thanks for the link. The info about Biden has been published in a lot of other places too. I checked out this site, which I had never seen before. Interesting see what info the right wing/Rs are fed to keep this shit show going.

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Thanks for this. I talk to and am friends with a lot of my neighbors all the time who are right wing Trump supporters. They are good, caring people. I never talk politics with anyone - left or right. During the lead up to the election, a neighbor that I have had wonderful relations with for years told me that I HAD to vote Biden because…Trump. I didn’t respond and changed the subject because in good conscience I couldn’t vote for Biden or Trump, but I always vote. It wasn’t up for debate for me. Had the same problem with Obama and HRC. Couldn’t in good conscience vote for either EVER.

Not sure how a Truth and Reconciliation project would work, but is definitely worth a try at some point. I live in Oregon (a rascist state to the bone) where the Proud Boys and 3pers (and the Sheriffs!) are extremely active. And they have no place in any attempts at reconciliation. Neither do any violent extremists on the “left” (I put that in quotes because there is no Left of significance left in the US).

Best of luck to you. Hopefully at some point whites will have your back.

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We have to take what Chris says and does within the context of the existing system of communication. I thought what Ramesh Srinivasan had to say is more relevant to what you are asking. Reporters/Journalists are stuck with getting there message out on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. They have no choice or they will be silenced. To Ramesh’s point, these platforms need to be regulated. I think they need to be regulated as a public utility. Just like Ma Bell which was broken up into Baby Bells because they were a monopoly. Same thing goes for Google and Microsoft.

Just my 2 cents…

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