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'Oldest Play in the Book': Critics Warn New Domestic Terror Laws Aimed at Pro-Trump Mob Would Be Used Against Legitimate Protest

Don’t stifle dissent. Eliminate white supremacy policing.


Bingo! And we have a winner.

Thank you for your comment. Nail on head.

It just doesn’t work to eliminate all the speech we don’t like. We need to be much more mature about this than that. First amendment rights do actually mean something, FFS.

we have all the laws needed --what happened was ALREADY ILLEGAL–what we need are the legislators to DO THEIR JOBS–arrest, try, convict and jail the traitors-

–anything less is pandering to the right wing traitors and will inevitably end in more of the same treachery as is being exhibited by the Republican party now

c’mon man…yes it can, so do nothing?

The democratic system must find a means of dealing with the lies and deceit that abounds in both parties. When did lying and deceit become an acceptable means of political process. The end never justifies an unjust and amoral means. This seems to be a result of a tiered justice system that can be defined in wealth levels.It seems we have a war of amoral power against a powerless morality.

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I’m not talking about sitting in parks.

LOL! excuse me, i feel a need to take a trump!

This IS a legitimate concern, and I’d go so far as to warn against doing it without CAREFUL consideration, and including CAREFUL language that eschews broad categorizations. Yes, it should DEFINITELY be done, but must not then slide down the Jim Crow Slide and MUST NO BE USED AGAINST THE VICTIMS OF THE VIOLENCE, AND NOT THE ONES INTENDED.

And don’t forget, that the flags are ALWAYS being flipped BY these terrorists, just to take the wind out of their opponent’s sails, like accusing Antifa of being in on that march. Antifa and other Left groups had PLENTY of warning, and stayed out of DC for that event… LEST THEY BE ACCUSED OF PARTICIPATING, DUH. … And sure enough, they DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO BE THERE TO BE ACCUSED!

What’s more, there is LOTS of footage that shows otherwise. Use Facial Recognition on that crowd; it’s meant to track CRIMINALS, after all…