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Oligarchs Are Feeling Right at Home in the Democratic Party


Oligarchs Are Feeling Right at Home in the Democratic Party

Jake Johnson

In April of 1999, the new leaders of the Democratic Party — or, as the Wall Street Journal called them, the "chief theorists of the Third Way" — came together for a major conference in Virginia.


They have had decades to settle in so I would imagine the should feel right at home by now. It does look like they will start having a bit of the 'empty nest' syndrome though.


Young Jake's history is off by about two decades, as the Democratic shift towards centrism really started to manifest under the term of Jimmy Carter.
It was Carter who got the deregulation ball rolling with the deregulation of the airlines. It was under Carter that the farm subsidy program began to really favor the wealthiest 20% of ag interests, leading to the savage feeding frenzy of consolidation that's culminated in the oligarchic monster of industrial ag we witness today.
No, the pattern was begun well before either Clinton hit the scene. The groundwork was already set for them. The two of them were nurtured well before the fact.
How quickly folks have forgotten about those Renaissance Weekends---

edit: added additional link of interest from 1992
"The Clintons are the ultimate networkers of their generation. But what does their "Circle of Friends" look like? In crises and private moments, whom will Clinton turn to?"


Jake Johnson is rapidly becoming my go to guy as he consistently is able to accurately articulate our crazy political environment. Thank you Jake.

There is great truth and wisdom here and if one goes over Jake's prior essays, one can see that he has the unique ability to see through the fog of government and media propaganda and expose the fraud. Clearly the Democratic Party of "the people" has been totally captured by Clinton management, and no longer has the slightest appearance of being a party of the people. Not only that, but now it's the War Party of Hillary's State Department. Never Hillary...


Less shitty treatment of the poor and working classes has always been at most the cost of doing business for the Democrats. Even FDR's initiatives were aimed at preventing full-scale revolt. Bernie's army needs to stay mobilized and recruit heavily if such conditions are to be replicated.


"For the business class to which Republican and Democratic leaders are now dedicated is not content to merely squash the social democracy of the Bernie Sanders coalition; it is, as Shawn Gude concludes, committed to doing away with "that most basic condition of democratic rule — that ordinary citizens, not corporate paymasters, set the agenda."

It is difficult to find a nation where this centuries-old dynamic is not at work.

Whether it's feudalism, vast chasms set between those with wealth and those without it, or a long line of pharaohs, kings, tyrants, dictators, and "el presidents"...

The average person/working family has been struggling against the moneyed elites for centuries!

The push-pull between genuine Democracy and oligarchy has gone on in our own nation since its inception.

In certain intervals (robber-barons at the turn of the 20th century and their corporate counterparts now) the battle has been extreme. At other times, the elites yield (under Roosevelt and the New Deal which lasted until its step by step dismantling largely starting with Reagan/Thatcher and their anti-government--"There IS no society" chants).

It's time for the elites to give back. After all, they gamed the economy by eviscerating necessary regulations (removing Glass Steagall's wall between banking and Wall Street speculation) and took all the spoils for themselves. The result, as the Piketty Study reveals is ridiculous amounts of wealth at the top: literally, half the world's wealth held by less than 100 individuals.

And since it IS time for redistribution, they're using every trick in the book to foreclose against those candidates who speak to the public's real interests and concerns. In the place of these genuine leaders, they intend to put their cronies into key executive positions.

Time carries themes... call it a version of changing weather. And the weather report shows that STORM SYSTEMS will proliferate until those with so much return to The People all that their elaborate scams managed to steal, commandeer, and seize.


Any idea how much money the oligarchs spent putting on CLINTONCON in Philly last week ?


Thanks again Jake, love your articles. It's really sad that so many feel the Dems are the only possible way to make change. If they knew, even the information in this article, it might wake them up. But how do you get the information to them when the oligarchs run the media?
I so appreciate sites like CD as they work to get the news out there.
Obama still has high approval ratings.. that says it all.
It is clear this election we have to make changes ourselves, they won't come from the Dems or Repubs. This year must be different. After Bernie's run how can we go back?
Jill Stein 2016


Hi Jazzbo,

Interesting points but I hesitated to read on after "Young Jake"----kind of set the tone and not in a good way (for me) to continue reading.

Just saying.


When did all this greed and resultant devastation of ecosystems courtesy homo sapiens sapiens really start? These are the debates that will seemingly never end . . . . James Lovelock thinks ground zero for this predicament (the sixth extinction) started when Thomas Newcomen invented the steam engine. ( I must note, I do not concur with all James Lovelock posits----far from it.)

We could go on and on with the root causes of this mess (to put it mildly) we are in. All I know--- today---- is that it is hotter than hell, the trees are dying, weather chaos is everywhere:


and pathogens are defrosting:


WE are ALL in for some serious suffering.

With that said, I am rooting for nonhuman life----those who have no voice. I am rooting for all humans who do not place themselves hubristically above other life forms. I am rooting for indigenous communities:



The only things that might convince the Democratic establishment to change direction would be a mass migration to other parties and a loss in November.

Longer term, electing progressives to office may help, but the system is used to chewing up progressives and spitting out establishment Dems.

I'm not sure the Democratic party can be saved. It's become so addicted to big donors it may be incapable of it. On top of that, they've just driven away independents and an entire generation of millennials, so the future of the progressive movement may lie elsewhere.

I know a lot of people plan on voting for Clinton just to prevent Trump from getting into the White House. If enough of them do that Clinton may eke out a win. That would cement in place the sellout of the party. It will mean more income inequality and more wars.

Instead of voting against Trump, why not vote for change?

Don't pick your poison, pick your cure: Dr. Jill Stein



From over 40 years ago (1975) from the album Survival---the Rich get Richer----they sure have:


Let's hope they become empty nesters.


I love to read your insightful pieces - always so perceptive. I always congratulate you in my mind but think it is time I say it.


Thanks for your response, Jazzbo. It is always hard for me to separate the micro from the macro thus the long p.s. I jumped from your very specific micro to the more nebulous (for me anyway) macro.

I tend to view everything through the lens of this human induced sixth extinction which I am utterly unprepared for which seriously disturbs me as I have a teenager who will be experiencing the brunt of this. And I HATE to see life forms dying before our eyes.



It's awful out there. I had a neighbor tell me yesterday that he'll vote for Hillary because Trump would send all our jobs to China. One wonders where this guy was when Clinton, Bush, and Obama actually did this, or when Hillary supported the TPP (which would send the jobs to Vietnam instead).

If you only watch American TV like he does, you have no idea what's going. It's as bad as the propaganda in the old USSR way back in the 1950's ...


"Increasingly, the Democratic Party is, as Lee Drutman has put it, "replacing Republicans as the preferred party of the very wealthy."

Which means the "Democratic Party" is now really the new Republican Party. The party to the right of this is the Fascist Party. Real Democrats are so obviously not in the '2-party' system anymore --- The "3rd New Party" is the Fascist Party. If we had a real sane '2-Party' system, it would be the Green party (the true democratic party) and the Democratic Party (which is really the Republican Party). Party on.


You are so right about that! All the Hillary voters I know only get their news from Idiot TV Box. Pure propaganda. They think they have a clear picture of everything -- when it is distorted as heck.


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The photo of Clinton at the Goldman Sucks groundbreaking helping Blankfein and his band of pirates do god's work is priceless. i am surprised they didn't Photoshop some children into the photo to remind us how much Clinton loves children.


Money corrupts absolutely.