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'Oligarchs Are Running the White House': Trump Called Wall Street, Hedge Fund Titans Just Before 'Back to Work' Remarks

The answer as to why most Americans are blind to the reality is that for all intents and purposes the media that claims to speak for us instead speaks for the oligarchy generally. While sometimes a reporter will manage to say what needs to be said so as to inform people of the details about their reality, mostly that is only one reporter out of many and that person only being heard by some people not all. Moreover if you contrast a biased reporting outlet like Fux News, you have a significant percentage of the population being purposefully misled as well.

It is the media’s failure to be independent of the oligarchy’s self interest that trips us all up constantly! Inevitably, no matter what the issue, there is never any consensus that the public can come together on. The coming climate catastrophe is starting to be understood by everyone but that is recent at best. Five years ago the media was still never saying the words climate change or that the mega weather events and things like our snowless winters that have kept on happening has finally persuaded the public that these events were caused by climate change but the media lagged behind. It really screws us that they do. Bernie has opened the door for many progressive issues but it will only become reality if people write letters to the editor and force our media to actually speak for the public as advocates. At present most of our media speaks for the oligarchy.

The media which is supposed to speak for us and teach us, does neither. We need to bring democracy … into our media! They have to represent us - the public… but I think most have forgotten how.


Pink Floyd ‘Mother’ “Mother, should I trust the gov-ern-ment?”

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And in Russia:


Good thing the Dims aren’t owned too.Then we’d really be in trouble. :-)))

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This is new? We’ve been an oligarchy for a long, long time!

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Years ago, when H. Ross Perot was CEO of American Data Processing, he said that he sleeps better at night knowing that he owns a piece of his congressman, so he gives to both parties. Of course, he gave more to the Republicans, because the Dems will sell out cheaper.


Trump is a money, power, ego, publicity and pu**y whore. His personality and “character” are evil and perverse. I’m not sure the man has ever had a genuinely kind, selfless, compassionate emotion or impulse.
Biden is fading, and hidden from the public by his handlers, but let’s face it, add up all his policy flaws, lies, and bizarre personality traits and he’s still nowhere near as sick and dangerous as Fuhrer Trump.
Fortunately, Bernie continues to tell the truth and serve the public good. If we even complete the primaries, the convention and the presidential election this year, maybe enough Americans will wake up and elect Bernie as president, instead of Dementia DINO or Fuhrer Trump.

Your post reminds me of one of my very wealthy relatives who gives to both parties!


Another great and very relevant song by dear Bob is “Union Sundown.”

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Yes, however when the corrupt Supreme Court in 2010 allowed corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money, the Oligarchs were given the ultimate way to a win each and every time.

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Another result of Corporate America’s right to buy anything, thanks to our much less than supreme court and “citizens united.”


It really nettles me when Orangeman blatantly cuts off and ignores a reporter’s question, moving on to the next reporter, who would have an excellent opportunity at professional solidarity were they to flatly repeat the avoided question – but they almost never do. Lickspittles and cutthroats all: since Gary Webb’s assassination to kill the Dark Alliance story.

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Wall Street is celebrating the 17th anniversary of gutting defenseless Iraq to suck the oil from the smoldering sockets of the dead. You like betrayal? Mother Nature sent us a bug, put her world in timeout. Will we learn? No, we will die and the world will be a better place in our absence. We are the only animals alive too stupid to heed the forewarning signs of nature and we’ll perish as obstinate nonconformists. Our bug is a precursor of pain and agony for those who beseech the earth that allows us to breathe and slaughter the defenseless for money.
The World Bank of International Settlements, the one at the top, wants puppets who fiddle with Twitter or Biden who is arguably senile. Halliburton and our Iraqi Oil Plantation are being erased from history by Google. Never happened. We have to stop playing their game and change it altogether. What is perhaps most important is Mother Nature or God or whatever you wish to consider is proving to humanity whatever it may be is capable of bringing humanity to our collective knees in a snap. Bug stop. Who has the power? Mother Nature.

Unfortunately since the oligarchy OWNS most of the media, unraveling this connection will be challenging.

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The word is ‘imperious’.

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Humanity is bringing humanity to its knees. Look at how Trump’s willful incompetence made things worse in this crisis. There are laws preventing the import of unquarratined/untested animals which we disobey at our risk. Blame humans for what we do to ourselves and the planet but we are not the only species to not heed forewarning signs about nature (about our effect on our environment?)! We are basically overgrazing the pasture. We pollute but then so does any animal kept in a closed system environment.

We are too numerous to do things in the same ways that we used to do them back when we weren’t so numerous. We increase by about a billion more each decade. That is overwhelming our typically unrestrained exploitation of available resources faster than new technology can be brought into play on a large scale to counteract that effect. It is our technology that enables us to feed nearly 8 billion people every day. The ‘market’ may take care of itself but it has become quite obvious that the market cannot take care of the future. It’s lag time has become excessive when our numbers increase so fast. For example, we should have been off fossil fuels by now since Carter started us on that road but Reagan pushed us backwards.

Sure we are dumb but then we are also smart enough to know it. Don’t be so elitist. The few at the top do the most damage while the many at the bottom try not to for the most part. Most humans are basically functioning social animals. Then again some like Republicans are comparatively antisocial animals. Using the term in the psychological behavioral sense of antisocial and not in the economic political sense of their being opposed to socialism, Republican legislation is often antisocial in nature as well as being anti socialism.