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Oliver North, Whose 'Very Name Is Synonymous With Corruption and Disgrace', Is NRA's Next President


Oliver North, Whose 'Very Name Is Synonymous With Corruption and Disgrace', Is NRA's Next President

Julia Conley, staff writer

Anti-gun violence groups expressed disbelief Monday when the National Rifle Association (NRA) announced that Oliver North—known for overseeing illegal weapons sales which led to his felony conviction in the late 1980s—will serve as the powerful lobbying group's next president.


I did clean up after this Ass_ole in my previous life.
What a history of death and misery.
And we wonder what gave rise to MS-13…check his file.

Once again I have to defer to National Lampoon for best lowlife description ever written.

“What a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit.”

And exactly Whom would he be Leading…See Above…


Ollie’s the man to go to when it comes to corruption and disgrace, says the NRA…


Just when we thought the NRA couldn’t go any lower…they did!


This confirms that the NRA is a terrorist organization.


Then it’s a Match made in Hell

Cause that was Oli’s job description

Funding Terrorists in El Salvador and Nicaragua

Did I leave out the part about running Cocaine to fund Guns.

Guess that’s where the NRA made bedfellows


Astonishing really. You would think that Raegan and North would at the very least made prison their home for the rest of their lives for the treason they both committed.


The NRA’s next President? Can the NRA get any more corrupt? Only in Amerika are war criminals never held accountable!


Unbelievable ! Every day I read bad news and am becoming glad that my days walking this road are indeed numbered. This country has never felt so overtly despicable as we see more and more concrete evidence of fascism in every corner of the world.


Think about your statement. I say that is not true, for example Israel and others where war criminals has sought sanction


I guess this means that Wayne LaPierre will be riding off into the sunset with his ill-gotten gains.

I’m thinking that an appropriately-named retirement spot for him might be Tombstone, or maybe Death Valley.


True about Israel, but in my view, not since Nazi Germany has any other country ever had as many war criminals like Ollie, Bush, Cheney and so many others walking around free, when they should have been indicted as war criminals.


So true !


Me too, Mary. i never believed that I would live to be this old. Now TPTB and their
GOP and Democratic puppets just want me to die---- sooner rather than later.
It just makes me sick at heart to see all the greed and corruption in our country.
I thought that Bush jr’s administration was scrapping the bottom of the barrel, but
I was wrong.


This is truly disgusting. The right is really becoming a political cult at this point.


“Political cult” ?

Try an organized criminal syndicate that make Cosa Nostra look like fraternity pranksters by comparison.


This sounds like an episode of “The Twilight Zone.”


North cannot own a gun. The desperation in the NRA brings us this. Now I suspect en masse the organization and it’s members are realizing they have been caught for their last few decades of sociopath behavior. So what do they do? One explanation is the appointment of North is a way to con the public about how this “great patriot” got HIS gun taken away from him with his felony and that it should have never had happened. It’s a roll of the dice, and it will work with some of the public who are at all on the fence. Pierre and others may want to be doing brilliant theater but instead are sounding their own death knell. All the Oliver Norths in the world won’t change the long term tide in the country. The school shootings are the wake up call to Americans who have not been paying attention for years.


One can only guess a bizarre form of ‘camage dontrol’ as the NRA rides the wake across from the vested empire pals making stock buy-backs and the swirling waters heading down the drain and imagining that what is blowing their hair back smells like roses. The pinched neck of the delusional media balloon will be released and the rationales floundering into violence will dissipate like the nightmare constrictions the NRA folks are polarized and pitted against. Dear heaven - let it be soon.

Guns are not going to help a doggone thing when the only means of a dignified life is going to be communities working together from A to Z. It will be weapons into plowshares and a blossoming of practical wisdom earned from direct experience… together in all the glory and necessity of our diversity and differences.


A thousand thank yous for your eloquent post.