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Omar and Tlaib Credited as 'Major Factors' in Securing Biden Victories in Minnesota and Michigan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/05/omar-and-tlaib-credited-major-factors-securing-biden-victories-minnesota-and


Doubtful you will hear about this story on a network like MSNBC, which is quickly becoming the (repub) Lincoln Project network.

You probably won’t hear about how the Dem strategy to go after White women (particularly in the suburbs) appears to have been ineffective. Dems lost ground with White voters in general and more White women voted for Trump than in 2016.

Instead, it looks like People of Color (with the Latinx and Asian vote being huge) are responsible for likely Biden win. Great story about this on Democracy Now!

Watch out for MSM analysis of this election. Do your own analysis and due diligence.


What the DNC seems to be incapable of understanding is the further they drift to the right hoping to court - what, republicans? - they do worse with each election.

FACT: St. Ronald of Reagan of the Church of GOP couldn’t get the nomination of the DNC today as he’s just too far left to gain support.

Not one of the establishment wonks will connect the dots with the success of the progressive youngsters. Instead they’ll blame bad polling, and social media. It’s as if 2016 never even happened.


"“While the Biden-Harris campaign resisted in-person canvassing,”… …This says a great deal… avoiding going to key states during a critical election…or how about suppressing 3rd parties, like the Greens… While I would vote Biden over Trump, I voted Green again. This attitude shows that they really don’t care about the people of this region…and that will be reflected in how they govern…if they win… The Authoritarian Party in action…foreshadowing.


We should keep in mind the fact that organizing and door to door efforts have gotten the republicans half of the votes as well.


Actually, what we saw was (or should have been) totally predictable. The democrats still haven’t figured out that, because of the changing demographics in the USA, white people are scared. And when white folks get scared, they arm themselves, circle the wagons, and vote republican.
This election should make it abundantly clear. There are two political parties in the USA. One for White people, and one for everybody else.


Nancy was just caught on a democratic caucus call, along with Sheri Bustos and the rest of the conservadem leadership, blaming progressives again for this weeks losses in the house and senate. They want to ban the word socialism, and run even farther to the Right.
The republicans have truly won.


This is where I get off with the so called pure progressives or the green purists

Who understand the lay of the political landscape

And used their Intelligence and Savvy to achieve a sound political advantage

Regardless of how infamous the dnc is painted by trolls here

When the swell shows itself, you ride the wave that comes your way

Achieve the Victory first

Use your Newfound Leadership to push your Policy Objectives

You gotta Win First before you can push Policy

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I can’t wait to see how Biden “thanks” them.


Really afraid for these women – despite their courage for so long against vicious
right wing threats and attacks –

And same for Biden – and for anyone opposing Trump –

I’m concerned even for our broadcasters because if Trump can’t get the counting stopped
he will want to at the least attack the reporting of the vote counts –

We also have this –

Pennsylvania judge permits campaign observers up-close view of ballot count after Trump complaint

And very concerned about how that might be done –

Is John Roberts still advising the GOP on resistance tactics against vote counting?


The turbulent 1960’s were marred even further by a series of very public assassinations. I fear we are headed down that road.


Actually, what is sad is that more and more Dems are dependent on POC for votes, yet with establishment party leaders in power, they get little to nothing for their efforts. How much longer will they vote for Dems?

I think this is good timing for a new Populist Party (the People’s Party).


Har! Biden is threatening to take the lead in Georgia!


Biden is already hard at work on the virus

Who would be a good pick for Speaker of the House—?–You can’t replace her unless there is a good candidate to replace her. And yes progressives should demand that we have some form of universal healthcare-----we are a joke to the world for our crappy healthcare system.


Wow! I cannot understand how anyone could believe in Pelosi, not even one, but even OAC voted her to be speaker of the house.


Biden? hard work? You must be dreaming.
Virus? What virus? Biden don’t care about no virus. He’s safe.


Big –

Feel exactly as you do –
And I think there were many more than even we knew about –
though I think many have suspected it – especially in regard to our musicians.

For those who don’t know about her –
Mae Brussel is a good source at any time, including on the musicians.


Yes me too, because when you oppose the Trump Mafiaocracy if they cannot stop their perceived enemies through intimidation, lying, LAWSUITS and demonization ( I.E. MUSLIMS, LEFT WING NUT CASES ECT.) THEY ARE NOT ABOVE ASSASSINATION!


The squad’s a fraud.


Thank you Ihan and Rashida:
Thank you immigrants all:
America was once know as "the meting pot, " where people from other nations could create a new life. A melting pot has been America’s history. And of course, the term "The melting po,"t was created by-----an immigrant!

Thank you IIhan and Rashida---------you prove the success of America does come from a Melting Pot of Nations! : )