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Omar Khadr's Road to Freedom


Omar Khadr's Road to Freedom

Antonia Zerbisias

Nobody was surprised when the Canadian government announced on April 24 that it would again dip into the public purse to keep its most prominent political prisoner behind bars.

That morning, Justice June Ross of the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench decided that Omar Khadr, 28, was low-risk, had been a model prisoner after 12 and a half years of incarceration, mostly at Guantanamo Bay, and could go into the care of one of his lawyers' family.


And The Gulf of Tonkin incident was used to push for war.

One day it will be widely known that 911 was a false flag. That means that ALL those hijacked in bounty hunters’ drift-nets to serve as props for a phony war built on fictitious charges will be recognized as innocents; and woe to all those power hungry sociopaths only too ready, willing, and able to select human targets for their planned wars along with Necessary Scapegoats. These unfortunate souls consigned to the war machine’s private version of limbo, or Dante’s Inferno exist to lend credibility to already planned foreign theaters of naked imperialism.

It’s all such a sickening travesty. As has often been shown to be the case, those with the courage to TELL the Truth are being killed, imprisoned, forced out of the country, or “treated” to such thorough and comprehensive campaigns of character assassination as to render the importance of their witness, scholarship, reporting and testimony null and void.

However, with wealth forced only to the top of the financial food chain, environmental provisions being irresponsibly relaxed, horrible treaties like TPP and TIPP about to spread Monsanto’s shit far and wide while allotting to corporate trespassers the “right” to do so; and wars being purposely set like matches to sticks of dynamite… all over the world people are fed up and standing up to all the corruption in high places. The worst in human behavior under the guise of leadership meanwhile eagerly signs more and more death notices, and claims that in doing so, it has the consent of the piss-poorly governed.

Bah humbug!


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