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'Ominous' Avoidance as Trump Team Refuses to Guarantee Middle Class Tax Break


'Ominous' Avoidance as Trump Team Refuses to Guarantee Middle Class Tax Break

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Members of President Donald Trump's team are having a hard time defending his new tax plan and, when asked directly if it will benefit the middle class, have exhibited a pattern of strategic avoidance.

Appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America"Thursday morning, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin repeatedly ducked when asked if the tax overhaul would benefit middle class families.


Just more of the same 'voodoo' neoliberal, supply side, market, junk, economics that started in about the 1960's. The only thing that will help working middle and lower classes would include: free education until graduation from college or trade school, universal healthcare from birth, paid leave and vacation, and a raise of minimum wage starting at $15 an hour. That's what will help the workers of America. How to finance? Raise corporate taxes so they fund the government more than the workers. Raise taxes on the top 10% to at least 50% or higher. Cut military/defense/surveillance budget another 50% and pay down debt with any surplus. Anything less than this is a damn joke and slap in the face to workers everywhere. That's what it will take to ease the burden, OR let capitalism go down the memory holes of history and start anew!


We should fear the day when they no longer feel the need to obfuscate.


All the hand waving and magic math that he could muster failed to help Mnuchin provide a convincing argument.


In a nutshell...well stated and all would make our lives Utopian...save the environment, the planet, the wildlife...with peace of mind and a deep, comforting sense of security comes thriving communities, PEACEFUL relations locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. And, as you so clearly elucidate, IT WOULD BE SO DAMN EASY...flush capitalism and all the rapacious greed, evil and avarice associated with the corrupt system right down the terlet.

Mil gracias!


Not only is Mnuchin ugly on the outside, with him it goes "all the way to the bone." Ugh!


And that day is coming very soon...


Left out a decent retirement/social security, otherwise this is a good domestic package for a decent life. Add a massively reduced military limited to basic national defense (not "national security") and infrastructure program for a sustainable environment, sustainable transportation/energy, communications and people can pretty much do the rest on their own.



"Making any assumptions about what the impact is on any person's individual taxes doesn't make sense," Mnuchin continued. "What we're going to do is lower the rates to spur capital investment, and that's what this is about."

This is the same, old idea, proven wrong continually over the past number of decades, that the wealthy are the job creators; and, when you give money to these people, they will use it to create jobs, rather than sock it away in one of their offshore bank accounts. -- As if they give a $hit about the rest of us...


In High School, Mnuchin was so ugly that he was voted, 'Most likely to never get laid.'


Its pretty much here now on most issues. People are so gullible they dont need to try hard to convince them. MSM helps with that. 9/11 confirmed it


Cancelled this post-


The damnedest thing about tax cuts and even write-offs, someone is paying them. Taxes don't disappear because someone gets a break or a family or company get a write-off. But why would anyone kniw or care, those with that privilege have more money in their pocket to get a new car, make an extra house payment, buy their kid a new phone...but not save. So in a society of consumers, not paying taxes is worth fighting ove, it's their privilege, which is what white society is all about.


"Aren't you supposed to lie to me, and kiss my butt?"
Those immoral words, uttered by Bill Murray when talking to the Mayor in "ghostbusters" kind of sums up this new push for ol time trickle down. They know it won't work. You know it won't work. The only thing that has changed since Reagan defiled the White House is that they no longer feel obligated to lie to us. Now they just shrug their shoulders and mutter, "what are you going to do about it?"
And why shouldn't they? We didn't do anything about it last time. these new economic hit men simply expect the same courtesy from the impotent American working class.


Olhippy, this is what we really have to fear:

What Trump's most recent insane comments, about a new Korean war, loving his previous life, and the "Presidency being more 'difficult' than he thought", obviously means is that Trump is sensing that he has a lot in common with Lee Harvey Oswald ---- that he's about to be the 'patsy' for what's going down from the EMPIRE


For sure our taxes would go up. We would be in the 35% rate. Thanks trump.


trump et al scares the hell out of me. I fear a nuclear war.


These guy's are criminals!!!


Does anyone with half a brain believe anything coming out of the Trump/Bannon administration? March on Earth Day! Resist!
The Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history.....


DownriverDem, what I fear more than nuclear war is the EMPIRE that creates the nuclear war, and the looting, and the spying, and the dual-party Vichy-political facade of this effin EMPIRE.

As I wrote in Jan '07 more than a decade ago and before the phony '08 selection was:

"The very most important question that the American people should be asking (and looking for) in any candidate for president in '08 is not, "Where do you stand on the war?", but, "Where do you stand on the EMPIRE that has taken over our country --- an Empire of which the war in Iraq is only the biggest and most visible crime --- yet?