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'Ominous': Trump Hotel in DC Bans Journalists During Inauguration Week


'Ominous': Trump Hotel in DC Bans Journalists During Inauguration Week

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Trump International Hotel in Washington has banned the press from its premises for inauguration week, Politico reports Wednesday.


Members of the international press would certainly recognize any number of Russian mafioso millionaires and operatives lodged in this Hotel Hell breathlessly anticipating watching the coronation of Satan himself!


And this is just the beginning of all his legal problems. He's going to hear the word "no" so bigly it will drive him nuts. He's used to making up the rules as he goes along. The press may show him another side of their powers.
I guess there aren't any laws that force him to divest the hotel and 500 other things he's involved with financially, so he can do what ever the hell he wants with his business/government and no one can stop him.


American Reporters have to understand that Vlad Putin has the Exclusive Rights to take photos and videotape Der Gropenfuhrer's supporters having a good time with high priced Hookers.
Preferably Russian Hookers because they ARE the "Best in the World".
Vlad Knows and he wouldn't Lie to us.

[Snark Off]


How would Putin know that his hookers are " the best in the world" unless he has tried others from all over the world!


The silence of the MSM on this story is deafening (pardon the ironic pun, perhaps muted is the better term)...


Who's the Nazi? You can't ban journalists your first day on the job! print journalist


With comments such as this, I find it difficult to ascertain whether commenters on this site are aware of the context of Putin's statements.

In an article published yesterday, Alexander Mercouris notes that

Putin likes to mask his anger behind a veil of humour.

These comments, with their jokes about “trying to get closer to life”, about not asking the Nobel Committee to award Trump a Nobel Prize (an obvious dig at Barack Obama), and about Russian prostitutes being “the best in the world”, are a classic example.

To determine whether Mercouris is correct in this instance, all one has to do is view Putin's press conference, when he made these statements, to see that the "best in the world" statement" was humor and was taken as such by the press in attendance, as is evident from their laughter.

It is also instructive to listen to what Putin said immediately following this humor:

Finally, there’s one more consideration. Prostitution is an ugly social phenomenon. Among other things, young women engage in it because they cannot make a decent living otherwise. To a great extent, the guilt lies with society and the state.


Watching some of the confirmation hearings, it's kind of obvious that the rule of law isn't really important to these folks.

There's a word for that, isn't there? When the rulers don't follow the law and no one can hold them accountable? Shoot...what's that word?


There are regulations.


According to Paul Craig Roberts, that's been the case since Reagan. It has certainly been evident throughout the last eight years of the Obama administration.


You meant, 'regal' problems, right?


The optics are not good. Poor start to openness and honest government.


They are also being banned from the ANSWER's main protest site along the parade route - the Navy Memorial at 7th to 9th streets:


The joke here is you defending Putin. Please get lost.


My post was written as satire. Sorry I did not make that clear to you.


Dakota Access pipeline set into reservoir Oawhe with the "intention" of fouling the drinking water. The DAPL Route is riddled with intentional or HIGH RISK locations as a choice. The DAPL (as is) should NOT be finished!


Thanks. There's so much Russia/Putin bashing nowadays, based on so little evidence, if any at all, that it's difficult to know who's writing satire, or not.


I'm curious why you replied to my post with something about the DA pipeline; but, that's an interesting statement that a pipeline would be placed under or over a body of water with the intention of fouling the water. With the level of morality evident today, that wouldn't surprise me. But, then, again, one can't rule out sheer stupidity, either. Has anything changed since the Army's statement that they wouldn't approve the easement? That statement wasn't very reassuring, given that the Army apparently was going to simply "explore alternate routes for the Dakota Access Pipeline crossing."


My view, as a veteran journalist with 43 years of experience is that the White House Press Corps is grossly overrated. As I.F. Stone explained way back in the '60s, the WH press has always been sycophantically connected to whoever occupied that building, and has generally done a terrible job of covering the executive branch.

It would probably be far better to have the reporters covering the executive branch be separated physically from the office, and to be in a much more adversarial relationship with presidents and their staffs.

As for the Trump hotel banning them, great. Why should reporters be cossetted in fancy four or five-star hotels. Those of us who have written exposes about executive abuses for the most part have stayed with friends, or in hostels or in cheap digs like Motel 6 rooms outside of the downtown Washington area. No big deal!

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net