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On 12th Anniversary of Rachel Corrie's Death, Renewed Calls for Justice


On 12th Anniversary of Rachel Corrie's Death, Renewed Calls for Justice

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Twelve years since their daughter Rachel was crushed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer while nonviolently protesting the destruction of Palestinian homes, Cindy and Craig Corrie on Monday said they are still seeking justice and answers regarding her death.


Trying to stop the destruction of a Palestinian home is a “war activity”?

Is Israel admitting they’re engaging in warfare?


Simply that they consider anyone willing to stand against the Israeli oppression of Palestinians an attacker.

I applaud Rachel Corrie’s act of courage.

It is a tremendous miscarriage of justice that her killer and those who gave him his orders remain unpunished.

But you cannot expect justice from a nation that routinely slaughters civilians for the crime of being on their own land.


And that our tax dollars fund them.


when congress applauds the butcher of Tel Aviv, how can the Corries receive justice. No congress person will ever stand up to Israel. AIPAC owns our politicians.


Doesn’t anybody think it’s a really stupid idea to sit down in front of a bulldozer? Should the US get involved with every stupid thing that gets an American killed, especially when it’s their own fault? It is unfortunate that Rachel died, but how stupid can you be?


How stupid can Palestinians be ? Living on land for centuries while they knew the Khazars would be coming to evict them.


By this reasoning, everyone who ever risked their own lives in trying to oppose wrongdoing was stupid. It was stupid to oppose slavery or apartheid. It was stupid to oppose colonialism. It is stupid to oppose invading or occupying nations.

There are some people who think larger than themselves and have priorities they value higher than their own naked self interest. By her death, Rachel Corrie bequeathed a gift of monumental importance to a cause she cared passionately about. She put herself in front of that dozer because she was thinking both selflessly and strategically. Either she would succeed in blocking that dozer, or she would energize her cause and help to focus world attention on, and solidify public outrage against, Israel’s inhuman policies. She knew exactly what she was doing. Your inability to see or understand that is no reflection on her intelligence.


While she probably didn’t stand in front of that dozer with the belief that they were going to kill her, she certainly did not believe that such an outcome was an impossibility. Nobody as engaged as she was on the Palestinian issue would have had any delusions that there were moral limits or bright lines that Israel would not cross. She knew that the danger was real and that she was putting her life on the line, even if she was gambling that Israel would find it preferable to stop the dozer than take the PR hit.

I don’t know what you mean about Zionists worshiping Hitler. Zionists have no problem borrowing from the playbook Hitler used, but he didn’t invent it and there are many others who use it still. They are fellow disciples in worship of totalitarian power, but disciples typically don’t worship each other.