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On 18th Anniversary of 9/11, Media Worry About ‘Premature’ End to Afghan War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/12/18th-anniversary-911-media-worry-about-premature-end-afghan-war

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Is the mainstream US punditocracy aware of the fact that the Taliban will happily wait out any postponement of a US withdrawal until, say, forever?

To the extent that they serve their overlords in the MIC, yes, they absolutely are aware of that fact.

Reagan was right in a way. When someone lives in a Foreign Country and there a knock on his or her door with the person knocking saying “Hi , I am from the US Government and am here to help” they should be very very afraid.

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All the questions in one spot.

To continue the war in Afghanistan and the death and destruction that accompanies it, in order to secure human rights, is nuts. To continue the war so that Afghanistan won’t become, “a breeding ground for terrorists” is nuts: are we going to stay there forever, just in case the Taliban at some point in the future might decide to let terrorists setup there that might attack the US? Give me a break. Or have we been staying to hide our folly?

We need to deal with reality and the real reasons we have been in Afghanistan all these years, and why we didn’t declare victory and leave when Osama bin Laden was ejected. On that, the government has not been forthcoming.

I sure as hell would not want to die so that the Taliban can’t run Afghanistan.


Thanks to Cho for compiling the coastal idiots thinking.
None of Keane’s surges have ever brought any sort of victory, defeat of the enemy in cities, towns, countryside, mountains. Please ignore his daily call to war, and his buddy, good ole John - oh you know - the guy that got fired last Sunday night by el trumpo

Why the US should leave is clear.

Why it stays is rarely examined.

Why are geostrategic and resource goals left out of so many otherwise scathing critiques of the horrors visited upon Afghans by imperious imperialism?

If Iraq was “about the oil”

Then what the fuck is Afghanistan about?


The Soviets were in this chithole for over 9 years and pulled out, then the US decided we could do better and chose that country to invade when the towers came down, for what clear explanation, I doubt is known. So now we’ve been squandering our treasure and lives in this area for 18 years, still with no likely exit plan or timetable.

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Note how the article points out US Geologists were flown into Afghanistan to look for Minerals right after their invasion. It like they had a plan all along.

The United States of America is a country owned by the Capitalists and run by the Corporations. These entities grow their wealth and have always grown their wealth and power by stealing it from others.

The gold is never to be found in their hearts