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On 55th Anniversary of Voting Rights Act, Advocates Call on Congress to Fully Restore Law to Honor John Lewis's Fight for Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/06/55th-anniversary-voting-rights-act-advocates-call-congress-fully-restore-law-honor

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So the SCOTUS was an activist group at that time. Is anybody on the voters side?

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After decades of the right wing nut cases complaining, erroneously, that any decision of any court that they disagreed was, de facto “legislating from the bench “, the Supreme Court decision to castrate the Voting Rights Acts was, truly, the only case where this actually happened.

The Voting Rights Act was periodically renewed by a Congressional finding that certain states would use their power to deny voting rights to citizens. The Supreme Court simply said “we find on our own, with no evidence, that this isn’t so” and thereby unleashed the worst assault on voting rights since Jim Crow was the law of the land. The voting carnage that ensued is self evident.


just to remind people–it was the Obama administration that FAILED to protect the VRA and allowed the Republicans to run roughshod over our country -=-the Democrat’s record on protecting the franchises of American voters is one of Missing In Action for over 50 years and counting–and just to be clear --why we had/have Republicans running our country into the ground to this day

Refresh my memory— how did Obama fail to protect the VRA?

It is entrenchment on all sides. Everybody must govern with executive orders.
Our orders come raw, medium, or well done. Sometimes with Freedom Fries.

it was under his watch that --in 2013–the courts ruled against the VRA–his Justice Dept failed to protect the franchise–along with failing to address the ongoing Republican voter suppression efforts for every single year of his administration

Yes, his Justice Department lost that case, but fought for the VRA. Doesn’t seem right to blame him or his administration for losing a case in court that they fought to win. How does that make them culpable?

This was a case where the Supreme Court manufactured facts out of thin air. You think that’s Obama’s fault?

in all that time I did NOT hear or see Obama using the Bully pulpit to address this --he and his administration should have been on every talk show for months leading the charge for voters rights–instead they gave a big yawn , doubled down and expanded an illegal war(still going on),gave us a corporate profit protection plan and called it health care reform,enhanced and developed the tools Trump is using on immigrants for the last few years, and oversaw the evisceration of minority wealth in the last economic crash