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On 9/11: How We Slighted the Real Threat, Climate Change, and Hyped Terrorism


On 9/11: How We Slighted the Real Threat, Climate Change, and Hyped Terrorism

Juan Cole

The US is commemorating the victims of September 11 today at the same time it is mourning the serial devastation that struck Texas and Florida.

Both are key moments in our history. The problem is that we over-did our response to 9/11 and have ignored the really big threat, man-made global heating.


Well said. Funding renewable energy and limiting/ending fossil fuel consumption is what a sane country would do.


Cole is mostly on the money here, but I think he grossly underestimates that number of people killed by the GWOT. Direct kills prolly number in the millions now, & people killed by crime & disease in the Mad Max type anarchy we have unleashed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria is prolly millions more.

The reason it matters is that Americans seem to be blind to the damage they are doing to the world.


The current population of the planet uses up sustainable resources in 6-9 months per year… please explain how well that’s going to work with 3,000,000,000 more Homo sapiens.


Hey bro, are you saying that the GWOT is in fact a population control scheme?

Ignoring the sheer hideous EVIL of such an idea, GWOT has accelerated the burning & wastage of resources at least 3-fold, thus negating the ‘benefits’ of any resource ‘savings’ which might occur as a result of using genocide as a means of population control.

Hopefully I just misunderstood you, bro.


" So we will have wasted $6 trillion or more?"

The problem Mr.Cole… is that the people that profited from the $6 trillion would not call it wasted!


Well, WE may have gone in the wrong direction, but China hasn’t.  IIRC, China is now leading the world in the production of wind turbines, solar panels and batteries. I wonder how many manufacturing jobs have been lost to China in the past fifteen years just in this one area of renewable energy?

SFAIK, there’s not one major problem facing humanity today that will not be made much worse by the projected increase in population from ~7.5 Billion people today to ~10 Billion by 2100.   Please correct me if I m wrong.


True, but the operative word is " sane country".


“Instead of invading and occupying Iraq, we should have created an army of scientists and engineers to invent better solar panels and better wind turbines and better batteries.”

Only if all the people ruled instead of plutocrats, Wall Street Casino, sold out politicians, banks, Big Media corporations and the M/I/I Complex.

Direct Grassroots Democracy


In other words, “Mission Accomplished.”


A little or a lot? Depends on your definition. IMHO no matter what we do we are going to, by historical standards, have a lot. We won’t begin feeling the effect of the CO2 we are putting in the atmosphere now for another fifty years. I think another fifty years of global warming by then will feel like a lot.


Wait??? Are you saying we don’t need to do something about population?


Really? Hmmm? What is the population of China?


The only reason we don’t rule is because we don’t bother to vote.


Or watch FOX propaganda.



Are you proposing war was a method of population control?

I believe the technical term for that is…genocide.

Sorry, but I prefer parachuting cases of condoms, IUD’s, pills etc. onto nations as opposed to bombing them back into the stone age.


Saying what “we” should have done is like politicians saying "the American people want…"
I’ve got nothing to do with any of it and get really tired of big shots telling the world what I want.
I am, after all, one of those American people.

I didn’t support the war on Iraq - marched against it in Seattle - our French student marched against it in Spain, and our son marched against it in New York City. Other voices are always drowned out by politicians in the name of “patriotism.” Mr. Cole, you have a nice platform. Why don’t you help in the re-defining of the words “national defense.” There is so much we need to do to “defend” our country. How about the army and the air force training soldiers to defend us against climate disasters, putting the to work on infrastructure re-building. Like all empires, I’m afraid, our undoing will come from the big shots who continue to make lots and lots of money off privatizing war, schools, prisons, utilities, roads and bridges, etc. As the Englishmen said when he saw the Irish starving - their warehouses full of food they had produced, but were not allowed to eat, “It’s just business.” Human beings are commodities - the sooner this ends, the better.