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On Anti-Semitism, Israel, and the Palestinians


On Anti-Semitism, Israel, and the Palestinians

Bernie Sanders

The following transcript, as published by Haaretz, is the full speech given by Sen. Bernie Sanders to the J Street 2017 conference in Washington, D.C. on February 27, 2017:


This article shows why Bernie should have been elected president.


On State Ethnic cleansing, Racism, Israel, and the Palestinians. Official state-policy of racist ethnic-cleansing that has only increased in the Occupied Territories from 1948 unto this very day.........

"But as you all know, there was another side to the story of Israel’s creation, a more painful side. Like our own country, the founding of Israel involved the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people already living there, the Palestinian people. Over 700,000 people were made refugees."

Israeli contempt for International Law, racist discrimination/repression, mass official displacements/home demolitions/water theft, state killings/murders/terrorism, and everyday abuse of Palestinians increases under netanyahu's right-wing warmonger expansionist regime - it is a Palestinian cultural genocide!
Now we have our own similar regime of hate and oppression/repression - on its knees to the Israeli agenda - coincidence or planned subversion of our nation by a foreign power?


A rational thoughtful speech that makes me appreciate how willfully ignorant, Trump, Clinton and large segments of the mainstream duopoly are. What a treat it would have been to have Bernie as president. Instead, we were given a $hit sandwich to choose from. How much lower do we have to sink before American society changes direction.


Has Bernie ever voted against a military aid package to Israel? Did he not vote for a resolution supporting Israel during their last onslaught against the Palestinians? 1,500 dead, many of them children.


Bernie's voting record wrt Israel is probably as implicating as almost any other WDC creature. Also, to anticipate the recitation of another "failure" in his progressive political history, he has supported, vote after vote, the F-35 boondoggle. Regarding the latter, most astute readers are aware how the MIC has been woven into the fabric of every State's economy, and so made elected reps beholden to those industries and the jobs and tax dollars associated with.

That said, any and all talk contradicting Israeli leadership policy of the moment is not cheap; AIPAC has the ability and the history of making any US politician questioning Israel pay a heavy price. And I have heard no other politician of any stripe or of Sanders' stature come so close as he to speaking the unvarnished truth concerning Israelis and Palestinians.

I see an ironic parallel to the Pope and US Catholics who love Francis only so long as he keeps his mouth shut and doesn't tell them inconvenient truths.


And until the day comes when some courageous politicians stand up to the Lobby with not just words, but deeds; and pay the price (for the sake of justice).................nothing will change.


Sigh. I dragged my mouse across your troll of a question: "Has Bernie ever voted against a military aid package to Israel?", right-clicked and selected Search Google for "Has Bernie ever..".

TLDR: yes.


If the Jewish people as a whole supported the policies of the Netanyahu government, then would not Antisemitism be justified? I would like to hear more Jewish leaders loudly denounce Israel's conduct.

Attaching the label "anti-Semite" ought not be enough to end the debate on any issue - instead, each issue should be debated on the merits. The overuse of this label actually evokes Antisemitism.

For those who have a contrary view, a view on the side of justice for non-Jews, and even for those who fall short of enthusiastically supporting its positions, AIPAC and company seek not to convince, but to silence and destroy. This evokes Antisemitism.


I am heartened that progressives are finally beginning to question aspects of the Zionist narrative, particularly its exclusive focus upon the good intentions in creating Israel, without any mention whatsoever of the indigenous population that was displaced in order to create it.

This intentional amnesia has its roots in one of Zionism's most pernicious myths: a subconscious reaffirmation of "a people without a land, a land without a people." This amnesia is a serious obstacle to peace, for when decades of frustration boil over into rage, the rage is instead reflexively (and erroneously) dismissed as "anti-Semitism."

Past persecution does not provide a blank check to forcibly take other people's land, and obscuring such displacement with myths is not conducive to finding a just and lasting peace.


We miss you Bernie. We sure need more solid politicians like him. If the Dems weren't so Dim he would be president. God help us.


And Bernie! HR 676. PLEASE introduce a Senate version A.S.A.P.
Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act - https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/111/hr676


Tom Perez is now DNC chair, elected by a razor-thin majority of Clinton2 surrogates - wall street bankster sympathizers - over my choice and Bernie's, Keith Ellison. The entrenched mafia-like establishment dems, efin doubled-down to save their freeloading, free lunch, agenda (for themselves) - AGAIN! And cheated, connived and slandered Keith along the way (Déjà vu, Bernie?) in spite of the climate catastrophe barreling-in at humankind.

I was hopeful that sanity would prevail, but it seems that short of an alien intervention from some other "enlightened" galactic civilization, we (including the Water Protectors, Nurses United, Greens, Berners and others) have to fight the insane oligarchs, still. An escalation will ensue as it must, as if Life itself depended on us regular family folks and workin' people! I had hoped to see my Green Party with the "Berners" and woken-up independents and the fed-up Dems coalesce, arm-in-arm, and take over the DNC, forcibly by picketing if necessary, to make them the damn "Opposition Party", (of working people, again), as Nina Turner has alluded to on The Real News Network (http://therealnews.com/t2/story:18522:Nina-Turner%3A-DNC-Chooses-Not-to-Be-the-Party-of-Everyday-People) She alluded to - I think she still has some waking-up, herself, to do. But let's give her a chance.

Can the Dems' establishment of white-collar criminal behavior be countermanded? I love my Green Party, but time cannot be stopped or slowed to save us from our fellow, so-called humans - those who live lives divorced from reality, in their guarded, gated communities. There is very little time. Like Captain Kirk on a movie episode of "Star Trek", when he was confronted with that impossible task to save his crew and ship, he cheated to win - but that was make-believe. Well, we are not in "Kansas" anymore "Dorothy" - and we ain't in a movie, either. New York City Mayor De Blasio is doin' his part, today, I read that he threatens to divest from "Wells Fargo" if they don't pull out of "DAPL". Mni Wiconi. "Water is Life".


It's not we who sink farther. It's our Planet Earth. Politics of the 21st century has leaped into chaos because of hate of the "other". Fear and greed-caused chaos is one "we". But "we" is us, too. We who love Rock-n-Roll, Art, Planet, People and Peace - over profits.


That is right, and Dump never even talked about the weather disasters like the tornadoes, blizzards and floods of the last couple of weeks. In their world only money and profits matter. Bernie is a treasure. I wish there were more like him or we could clone millions of Bernies.


This is what leadership sounds like. Bernie is our national treasure. May he prevail.


if there was any real justice and democracy in this U.S., Bernie Sanders would now be:


There are "more like him" and better - they just don't wear a "D" on their sleeves ...


If there were any real justice and democracy in this US, Jill Stein would be Pres. Jill Stein ....


"The truth is that Washington has for many years had a very loud and powerful echo chamber for war, it's about time we had an echo chamber for peace."
Bernie Sanders Feb 27, 2017

"I have today signed an executive order for the establishment of a Peace Corps..."
President John F. Kennedy Mar 1, 1961 (56 years ago, today)

Concept and man, both murdered by the still existing "echo chamber for war".