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On Banning Terrorist Boots: This Is What Occupation Looks Like

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/07/banning-terrorist-boots-what-occupation-looks


G.W. Bush can attest to how shoes can be weaponized into projectiles. This covert action to acquire even heavier footwear is clearly an intolerable escalation.


In Israel and US America we need to join hands in exposing the crimes that involved the extermination/ethnic cleansing of our respective indigenous peoples.


A must watch and a good book to read: My Promised Land, Ari Shavit

When US Americans face their horrid history then they will see why there is so much support for Israeli racist policies and ethnic cleansing.


Hi Trog,
Oh that was my favorite GW Bush news video—when the Iraqi man threw his shoe at him. Bush ducked though-----but oh , how wanted shoe to make contact—one heel to another. : )

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So much for vaunted Jewish values and ethics. Yech AND feh.

Omgg, Gio. Thank you for running these videos. I can always count on you.

I’ve forwarded them to folks…whose views I actually don’t know. It’ll be interesting to see what comes back to me.

Man’s evolution is a sad, sad oxymoron.

It Can’t Happen Here? “IT” already started and apart from us progressives and the white nationalists, Americans continue in their somnolence.

I don’t buy Israeli produced goods or vote for anti-BDS voters.


Yep, they absorbed the values and ethics they learned in the 1930s applied to them by other Europeans…whose own ancestors had learned so well from the Christianized Roman Legions that had invaded and slaughtered their families back a thousand years or so ago.

Those Europeans took the Christian/Roman show & tell teaching of total war and genocide and applied what they were taught. Look how well it worked! Empires ruled by wealthy Euro monarchs around the world!

The Zionists have certainly applied those Christianized Roman-European War ethics most accurately since they invaded the Palestinian lands after WWII, haven’t they? So many previous examples to draw experience from.

All one has to do to understand this pattern is to read about the resulting genocide and book burning by Rome after roughly 1600BCE when Emperor Constantine declared other religions be put to death. Convert or die works!

History is SO entertaining don’t you think?


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Thank, Seal. History is absolutely not my long suit. So I believe you, lamentably.

I’m pretty disgusted with Man. “God should’ve stopped at the bonobos.” That vaunted higher brain sure hasn’t evolved very well to the benefit of anyone or anything. (Vaunted is the word of the week! Lol)

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The man yelled, “this is for the women and children of Iraq” as he threw the shoes. That part was cut from most news reports.

Hi LilikolJammin:
Thank you for that. I wish that the Americans news hadn’t edited that REAL LIFE News, and besides, Bush deserved it. I’m glad the man threw the shoe! : )

This isn’t about Jewish values and ethics, it’s about current Israeli government actions - there’s a huge difference. It’s like calling the current U.S. administration’s actions about vaunted Christian values and ethics. No, 45 doesn’t represent true Christian values (plus the U.S. is supposed to have separation of church and state, right), and Netanyahu doesn’t represent true Jewish values. Beyond religious values, neither represents his broader constituency. These are governments gone terribly awry that harm not only their own citizens and residents but those throughout the world.

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Agreed. I was quipping about the irony of Jewish values being so corrupted by “a country [government] for/of Jews.”

The victims have become the perpetrators. I wish US news carried more about B’Tselem and Jewish Voice for Peace.